New Strategy Shapes Up for Small Business

There’s a new strategy shaping up for small business, one having less to do with plans set in stone and more with strategic thinking on the fly. Here are some resources you might consider to drive your small business in a new strategic direction.

Big Changes

Strategic thinking takes the lead. As mentioned above, the new small business strategy takes an new approach but allows your business to stay poised for innovation. Here’s how get started with a whole new way of thinking. Fast Company

Deciding to quit the big time. Quitting your full time job, especially a good one at a large and successful company is a huge decision, especially if you are doing so to start a business of your own. Here are some things to evaluate. Bloomberg Businessweek

Books for Entrepreneurs

For Better or for Work. If you’re an entrepreneur in search of an inspiring read, look no further. Ivana Taylor gives us this review of a book many entrepreneurs will want to check out and make part of their library. Small Business Trends

Staying informed online. The Internet is not only a marketing tool for small businesses but also a great information resource. The trouble is that some don’t know how to use it for all it is worth. Sales Tip A Day

A New Approach

Small business has a new office. Many small businesses may start in the home, but soon that could be a thing of the past. New Websites offer an easy way to find a workspace that is right for you. Smallbiz Technology

Big marketing mistakes for small business. A part of thinking about your small business strategy may include rethinking your marketing plan. What are you doing now to market your business, and is it good or bad for you? Youngentrepreneur

The Next Level

A guide to changes in Facebook marketing. Here are some links that lead us through still more changes in store for Facebook business pages. With FB a huge part of small business marketing these days, these changes are critical to understand. Scott Fox

Saying goodbye to limitations. Starting a business on your own can be daunting enough. So why start your business with the wrong mindset. Here’s a whole new approach to consider no matter what business you may be in. Support a Work At Home Person

Bringing in Customers

What McDonald’s can teach you about branding.  You may not think of the fast food leader as the right role model for your small business, but the truth is some marketing tips can be gleaned from this burger marketing power house. Marketing Nerd

Tips for nurturing leads. How many potential customers does your business have? If you haven’t worked on nurturing those leads into buyers for your products and services, here are some simple strategies you might want to try to turn potential customers into sales. Go Visible

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