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It is getting easier than ever for consultants and entrepreneurs to sell recorded audio information in a one-to-many business model.

Let’s say you have been consulting with individual clients, one-on-one, but now want to deliver your expertise to a larger audience. So you decide to set up a teleseminar series or some webinars. Given today’s inexpensive telecommunications and new tools hitting the market, you now have multiple ways to accomplish this and deliver your information.

Last week I had the chance to talk by phone with entrepreneur Jonathan Khorsandi about two new services he co-founded. Both services help in just such situations.

  • — Podference handles all aspects of creating teleseminars, from issuing email invitations to participants, to recording the session, to distributing it, to reporting the results. Podference lets you set up a conference call for as many as 250 participants, record the call, and automatically podcasts it into an RSS feed and hosts the recording for 120 days. You can provide each person taking your teleseminar with a unique download link. You also get reports such as download frequency.

    Today you can set up a conference call on your own somewhere, record it, host it, and put it in an RSS feed so that your teleseminar can be downloaded to your students’ iPods. But Podference automates major parts of the process in a single solution.

  • — GreenPodium handles the payment processing mechanics of selling podcasts (or “MoneyCasts” as the site calls podcasts that an audience pays to listen to). With GreenPodium, once you have an audio recording, you can upload it and sell it, making sure that only those who have paid receive the podcast. The service lets you schedule the release of podcasts, too, when your audio content is delivered in a series.

I have not tried either solution. But they appear to solve very real issues that business coaches, trainers, consultants and authors encounter as they attempt to earn value from their expertise by selling recorded audio.

For more background on both services, check out the articles by John Havens in the podcasting section of

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    Choices for reaching prospects and customers through audio, video, etc., are changing frequently and thankfully for the better.

    The options continue to prove that there’s no excuse for not finding the right path to the target market. If one method doesn’t work, another will. Glad to learn about these two methods.