New UPS Products and Services Aimed at Small Businesses

New UPS Products and Services Aimed at Small Businesses

Does ‘package-delivery’ play a key role in your business operations? If yes, then the latest announcement from the United Parcel Service (UPS) can make you rejoice.

According to the latest UPS press release, the company will launch numerous products and innovative technology programs to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow and compete.

It goes without saying that customer experience is critical for small business success. And product delivery influences the customer experience greatly. This is because most customers now want fast deliveries of products they purchase.

Once the new products and technology programs of UPS are rolled out, you will be able to improve customer experience in your company.

New UPS Products and Services

UPS works towards offering control, convenience, and visibility to its customers with the help of its fully integrated transportation network.

The recent products and innovative technology programs will increase network capacity and speed time-in-transit. As a result, small businesses and medium-sized businesses can serve their customers in a better way.

UPS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, David Abney, said, “In 2019, UPS launched more new services and operational innovations than in any year in the company’s recent history,”

“We are demonstrating further bold action in 2020 as we embrace market trends, invest for growth, partner for added reach and develop unique capabilities using next-generation technologies,” He continued.

Following are the key points of the recent UPS’s announcement:

New UPS Products and Services Aimed at Small Businesses
Image: Screenshot from UPS Pressroom Website

How Small Businesses Will Benefit

As a small business owner, your prime objective is to deliver goods as fast as possible. And the new products and innovative technology programs are designed to help you do that.

Here are the benefits small businesses can reap from the new UPS products and services:

  • With network enhancement, SMBs’s need for speed and availability will be met.
  • SMBS will be able to process online orders later in the evening for the next day groud delivery with UPS Extended Hours service that reaches now 98% of the US population. Also, the company will expand its weekend delivery operation to double the weekend delivery volume in 2020.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses can pick up and ship packages in rural areas with new rural UPS AccessPoint locations. As a result, SMBs can grow their sales.
  • With the launch of UPS My Choice for business in 30 countries and territories more, eligible SMBs can get free visibility and tracking solutions.
  • eCommerce businesses working with Square Online Store will have in-platform access to UPS services.
  • Small businesses active in the cross-border trade will have an easy tool to simplify cross-border shipping. This will improve their productivity.
  • With Dynamic ORION, SMBs and consumers will have advance delivery notifications, estimated time of delivery and the ability to pick an alternative delivery location.
  • With the use of drones and Autonomous Ground Delivery Shuttle, some SMBs will be able to offer ultra-fast delivery of products to their customers.

These new offerings from UPS will certainly help small businesses and medium-sized businesses grow faster and improve customer experience.

You can click here to know more about UPS’s announcement for new products and innovative technology programs.


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