Wix Has a New Editor for Creating Web Pages

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Leading global SaaS creation platform Wix.com recently announced the release of the new Wix Editor, which combines the classic Wix Editor with Wix ADI.

Wix Has a New Editor for Creating Web Pages

Wix ADI is the editor that lets users instantly design tailored websites based on the user’s input according to their intent and design preferences, while the classic Wix Editor provided users with practically limitless design possibilities. They have been brought together to create a single powerful solution for web design.

Simplifying Complex Design Capabilities

The new Wix Editor aims to simplify the complexity of web design and enable all users – from self-creators to professional web developers and designers – to quickly bring their web creation ideas to life. The new Wix Editor is a unique creation experience that is now even more powerful thanks to its advanced AI features, enabling anyone to create, manage and grow an online presence.

Wix Editor works by personalizing the web creation process for each user’s intent. Existing users of Wix ADI now have the freedom of customization offered by the classic Wix Editor, with existing Wix Editor users are now able to benefit from the enhanced AI technology of Wix ADI. The advanced AI will help guide creation and design elements as well as offer more flexibility and freedom of customization.

More ‘Rapid and Intuitive’ Web Design

The co-founder and CEO of Wix, Avishai Abrahami, said: “Our users’ needs and intents are at the forefront of our product development. I’m proud of our dedicated team who has listened to our users’ needs, predicted trends, and worked to innovate the entire creation process, making web design more rapid and intuitive to meet the online demands of creators and business owners today. Our mission has always been to be a platform where any type of user and any type of business can create their dreams online, and the new Wix Editor helps to set the stage for the future of creation.”

The Head of Wix Editor, Oded Nachshon, added: “With the creation of the new Wix Editor, we wanted users to have the feeling that a professional web designer is supporting them during their creation process. Each aspect of this was built to help guide users based on their intent and simplify the creation process. This new offering aligns with the needs of today’s self-creators as well as professional users. The platform removes barriers that generally complicate website building and enables users to keep their site updated and on brand with the latest technology.”

New Wix Editor Features

The new Wix Editor features let users quickly create tailor-made websites and then use advanced technology to further customize them. There are themed design kits to help with brand alignment, with options such as Energetic, Nostalgic, Retro Vibrant or Tech-Savvy.

There are re-organized sections for easy navigation, with new full-width customizable building blocks so users can divide the page into separate content pieces. There are section layout suggestions for design optimization using AI to identify the elements within the section and their semantics.

Users of the new Wix Editor also get a quick edit tool for content management, allowing them to swiftly move through all the elements in the section and change them on the sidebar without touching the main canvas.

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