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What do you have to say to your customers and what do they have to say about you? You don’t need social media to reach out to your customers and clients but it doesn’t hurt to stretch your brand in a way others in your field can clearly see. Social media is about more than just marketing though. It’s about learning from those you engage with. Here are some ideas to help your business use social media more effectively in the future.

Getting Started.

Blogs are still tops. Think Facebook and Twitter are sexier than your run of the mill old business blog? Well maybe they are, but the fact remains that blogs remain important and an imparative in any good social media marketing campaign. Not only are blogs and other social media compatible, but here are some things your Facebook account cannot do that your blog certainly can.

Does every small business really need social media? Though the post is framed as a series of “social media myths,” Mueller stops short of suggesting you don’t use Facebook and Twitter at all for your small business. Bottom line: there are no magic bullets that guarantee success and social media can certainly be hyped sometimes by those who promote it. Like eveything else, use common sense. You’re the Boss

Extending your brand with social media tools. Perhaps the biggest problem small businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes run into with social media is having unrealistic expectations. Perhaps the second biggest problem comes from this first one, a tendency to use social media in the wrong way. Fox Small Business Center


Don’t let Twitter ruin your life. You’ve got to tweet for business. We get that. But being tied to a laptop, tablet or even smartphone every hour of the day is just no fun. Schedule your tweets, already! This post gives you a wide variety of tools to help you do it. Small Business Trends

Delegating your social media campaign. One of the facts about social media is that it takes time to do effectively. The result of this simple fact has already led to an increase in the numbers of businesses that delegate this important function to a full-time or part-time social media manager. But what qualifications make someone an effective social media manager and how do you know you’ve chosen to delegate to the right employee? Karriann Graf

Is video part of your social media mix? It should be, says blogger Billy Strawter Jr. With the increasing amount of video on the Internet and the increasing number of viewers watching it, using video for online video marketing seems a no-brainer. But social video sharing sites like YouTube et al make it a very social activity as well. Consider the possibilities. Envicare Consulting


Social media meets business intelligence. If you’d like to track what’s most important in your small business social media results and analyze those results away from the clutter, welcome to Trackur, very likely the future in social media intelligence. Read the full product overview here to see whether this tool could work for you. Small Business Trends


25 awesome social media blogs. We mentioned near the top that blogs remain an important part of social media. We’ll mention now that they also are a great place to learn more about it. Check out this list of the very best in social media coverage no matter what you’d like to learn. Enjoy. Flowtown


A needle in a haystack. Social media represents an unprecedented amount of information probably never available before all in one place. Leveraging this information in addition to sharing content of your own is what makes social media such an awesome tool. But there’s a lot of din out there too. So how do you get to the good stuff? Tweak Your Biz

What are they saying about you? Writer and blogger Cendrine Marrouat suggests a list of 10 tools that can be extremely useful in monitoring what others have to say about you and your brand. You’ve leveraged social media for marketing and gaining information. Now, use it to listen to what others have to say about you.

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