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3 Essential Calculators that Will Help You Do Cost Benefit Analysis for Reducing Energy

By carrying out a cost benefit analysis on commercial appliances and features, businesses can have a greater understanding of their energy consumption, the effectiveness of energy saving efforts, and where further valuable savings can be made.

ENERGY STAR provides interactive calculators designed to help small businesses estimate energy and cost savings for energy-efficient products.

Take a look at these three essential calculators that can help you do a cost benefit analysis for reducing energy on several common commercial appliances.

Slack Frontiers
Sep 12 - San Francisco, CA
Finding better ways for teams to work together is one of the biggest challenges facing every company and industry. That’s why Slack is introducing Frontiers on September 12 - 13, Pier 27, San Francisco. Slack Frontiers is a two–day conference that brings together leading thinkers, Slack customers, developers, and partners to explore how the nature of teamwork is changing. Be among the first to hear about Slack’s newest products, learn how Slack improves work and workflow, and hear from customers about the ways their organizations are evolving.
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Spotlight: Legacy Advantage Wants to Be a New Kind of Bookkeeper
Find out how the company in this week's Small Biz Spotlight is promoting itself using trust marketing to differentiate its brand.

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Here's a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create Awesome Meetings
Do we all loathe meetings because meetings are just so boring and inefficient? How To Create Awesome Meetings can help your company fix that problem. Read More

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2017 - Sales Edition
Did you know there are 300 million people in the middle class in China? And now they're ready and able to buy products from American companies. Is yours one of them? In this Sales edition of Small Business Trends magazine -- out today -- we talk about the opening Chinese market and what consumers there want from businesses like yours.

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