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20 Mobile Apps to Help You Reduce Energy Costs

Energy bills are increasingly taking a bigger chunk out of small business budgets. The good news? It is possible to lower how much you pay by being proactive, using energy-efficient devices and monitoring your energy usage. Here's 20 energy apps, tools, platforms and websites that will help you monitor how your small business uses energy so you can make the necessary changes to lower your monthly bill.

Staples Breakroom Makeover Contest
Aug 31 - Online
Win a $50,000 Ultimate Breakroom Makeover for your office! The breakroom in any office serves as a place to refuel, boost productivity, attract & retain top talent, and gather away from desks & conference rooms. Is your current breakroom lacking and in a need of an upgrade? If so, enter and you could win a breakroom for your office that will help your employees recharge, refresh, and be more productive.
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Spotlight: This Small Business Teaches Coding Skills to Young People
The company in this week's Small Biz Spotlight is getting students ready for the digital economy by teaching coding classes for kids.

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Learn the Secrets of Ninja Selling From an Expert
Ninja Selling helps sales professionals gain the mental discipline, focus, lead-generation techniques, and relationship-building skills they need. Read More

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2017 - Sales Edition
Did you know that 63% of sales representatives fail to reach their quotas? So, there's probably someone or several people at your company that fit this mold. Wouldn't you love more sales? In our latest edition of Small Business Trends magazine, we identify how artificial intelligence can help your whole sales team not just meet but exceed those quotas. Download your free copy now!

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