Newsletter | September 3, 2019

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How a Small Business Saved 20 Hours Per Week With This One Technology

Traditional small businesses may be hesitant to dip their toe into new technology. But for 5P Consulting, technology is the very business of their business. 5P Consulting’s mission is to optimize organizations and drive them to improve business productivity through process and technology. After investing in the right customer relationship management system for their small business, 5P Consulting experienced incredible business growth - 998% ROI to be exact. Read More >>

Best SMB Awards
Sep 04 - Online
Does your product or service stand-out in the crowded marketplace for Small Business? The B2SMB Institute invites any enterprise that markets, sells and delivers products and/or services to Small Businesses to submit their entry for the 2019 Best2SMB Awards. We’ll be awarding excellence and achievement in three categories: Best2SMB Product or Service Offering, Best2SMB Innovation, Best2SMB Brand of the Year. We will also be awarding our first-ever Best2SMB Hall of Fame recipient. Learn More >>

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Spotlight: Balodana Clothing Marketplace May be the Perfect Fit for Discerning Shoppers
Baldona has a new way to buy clothes. Read More >>

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Engagement Fundraising Attracts Donors Using Digital Marketing Tactics
Here is how marketers should start using today's technology to raise funds for nonprofits. Read More >>

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