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Zoho Bigin: Organize Clients and Data All in One Place

For Zoho Bigin customers, the journey through the past year was smoother. It’s been one year since Zoho, a global technology company, launched Bigin. Bigin is a pipeline centric CRM for small businesses. Within a year, 7,500 small business owners had become Zoho Bigin customers, in the Biginners Club. Here are some categories where Bigin helps business owners. Read More >>

Demystifying Google Ads: PPC Fundamentals for Small Businesses with Lior Krolewicz
Jul 14 - Online
The best way to get immediate business is by using Google Ads. Knowing what you're doing will bring the best results and keep you from wasting your hard-earned cash. Learn the latest strategies from PPC Specialist Liam Krolewicz, CEO and Founder of Yael Consulting. Learn More >>

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Spotlight: How UnderGents Plans to Reinvent the Men's Undergarment Industry
Mens’ underwear is hardly a revolutionary product line. However, many of the popular brands fall behind when it comes to comfort. Read More >>

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Read "The Digital Pivot" Before You Fire Your Marketing Person
The Digital Pivot: Secrets of Online Marketing by Jay Baer. Read this book before you fire your marketing person. Read More >>

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