Newsletter | February 23, 2021

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Millions in PPP Fraud and Counting!

It’s a wild tale, but true! Millions in relief funds meant to keep employees on the payroll were instead blown on extravagant personal spending sprees. Look at who's accused and the crazy things they purchased! Read More >>

Small Business Innovation Research Summit (SBIR)
Feb 23 - Online
This event is designed to help small businesses enter the market by learning from the subject matter experts who have been successful. The SBIR Summit will bring together innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs from all areas – commercial, government and academia. Learn More >>

WEBINAR: Email Marketing Basics: Automating and Monitoring Your Campaigns
Feb 24 - Online
Learn how to build, segment, and nurture your email lists in order to improve engagement and retain quality campaign subscribers. In this webinar you will also gain a better understanding of GDPR, avoiding spam filters, and the importance of keeping your lists clean. Learn More >>

Email Marketing Basics Webinar: Automating and Monitoring Your Lists
Feb 24 - Online
Learn how to create automated email marketing campaigns to streamline your customer acquisition process. You’ll also learn about managing your sender reputation score, as well as key email marketing metrics to track to make sure your emails are performing as well as they can. Learn More >>

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Spotlight: Fairy Shimmerhair Explores a Magical Niche in the Beauty Industry
There are plenty of unique niches within the beauty space. And Fairy Shimmerhair explores a magical niche in the beauty industry. Read More >>

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Faith, Failure, Success is an Inspirational Weekend Read
Entrepreneurs are yearning for an uplifting and motivational read. Faith, failure, success is an inspirational weekend book to read. Read More >>

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