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The Rising Tide of Customer Defection

In a recent guest column, best-selling business author Laurence Haughton says "right now somewhere between 32 and 94 per cent of all customers are thinking about ditching their current supplier for the competition." Read what's behind this disturbing statistic.

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Small Business Optimism Up -- And Also Down

One small business survey says optimism is up. Another says confidence is down. What's up with that? Welcome to the world of small business studies. More...

Letters to the Editor

What Does It Take to Open a Dealership?

A reader emails -- " My husband and I have been wanting to open a Harley Dealership for years. Recently, I have been searching the internet for their web page to see if they have information in obtaining a franchise and cannot find a link? Is it easier for women to obtain large amounts of money for just such an adventure? We are very excited to change our careers but have no collateral or down payment. Thank you"

Our answer -- I asked powersports industry expert, John Wyckoff, to help answer this reader's inquiry. Here is what he said:

"First, go to Harley's web site and you'll find a page relating to 'Becoming a Harley-Davidson Dealer.' Now for some relatively bad news. Any new [dealership] point is advertised asking for applicants to make a presentation to Harley at the factory. The minimum needed is based on the size of the particular market but is never less than $1.5-million in cash in hand. Add to that enough net worth to be able to borrow at least an additional $1.5-million. It takes about a year and $5-million to get a store open and running."


August 17 , 2005
No. 27




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30 years is how long the barber industry has been in decline due to changing consumer tastes

51% of U.S. small firms lack a website



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