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Sample the most popular articles on Small Business Trends over the past month:

Hiring? The Best Question To Ask a Job Candidate - Popular guest blogger Jack Yoest writes that he is "... noticing a troubling trend in the hiring process. Lots and lots of personality questionnaires. Psycho-testing. Honesty testing. Handwriting analysis." He suggests you can ask candidates one simple question and avoid using these invasive techniques. But his suggestion raises spirited discussion -- see why.

Baby Boomer Entrepreneur Segment Growing Fast - Canada is experiencing a boom in business startups, and guess what demographic is the fastest growing? The over-55 Baby Boomer crowd. All these newly-minted entrepreneurs are better educated than ever, too.

Green Business Trend Taking Hold - Imagine a company where everything -- from product to packaging -- is made from garbage. Such a company exists -- and it is growing at a rapid pace. It is part of the trend toward "green" business.

It May be Creative But It Is Business Too - In July I had the chance to attend a special event put on by American Express OPEN in New York. The event featured several entrepreneurs from the creative world, including handbag designers Kate and Andy Spade, and cosmetics company CEO Bobbi Brown. What struck me was the crowd. It included business owners who tend to think of what they do as creative, but not necessarily business: fashion designers, artists, musicians and writers. Yet, they are running businesses -- they just happen to be creative businesses.

Movie: Spotting Trends Affecting Small Businesses - Watch my 3-minute slideshow on spotting trends in the world of small business. It's fast. You'll like it.

Search Engine Strategies Local for small businesses

Search Engine Strategies Local

I will be at the Search Engine Strategies Local Search conference in Denver, Colorado on September 28, 2006 to learn all about the latest in local search trends.

Local search is an important issue for small businesses. I know that many of you draw the majority of your customers from within a 50-mile radius. It is possible to use the Internet to promote a local business like yours, but it requires a local-search strategy.

The deadline for the early-bird sign-up is September 15th. I look forward to seeing you there. More information here.

Small Business Trends Radio

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Some of our most popular recent shows / podcasts:

One American Against Sony Music - Grammy winner and hitmaker Steve Popovich, President of Cleveland International Records, shares the story of his decade-long battle to protect his rights. Inspiring for any small business owner.

Marketing Partnerships for Faster Growth - Emmy winner Kare Anderson shows us how to harness the marketing power of a partnership to grow our businesses.

Protect Your Intellectual Property - Michael Dees, President of e-Security Direct, explains how to protect intellectual property when employees leave.

August 18, 2006
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Anita Campbell, Editor

Anita Campbell, Editor email me

Letters to the Editor

Do we REALLY need an accountant?

A reader asks -- "Dear Anita -- My husband wants to start a car shop to modify and enhance the performance of vehicles. He is very talented and loves improving cars' capabilities, but he doesn't have a business degree and isn't an expert on maintaining financial records. He wants to use an outside company to handle finances, but I believe we can handle them on our own. What do you suggest?”

Our answer -- I strongly advise a combination approach. First, there is no substitute for the business owner digging in and understanding the finances intimately. Even if your husband has no experience with finances and accounting, I encourage him -- and you -- to get close to the finances and be hands on. That's a fundamental part of running a business.

Second, it makes sense to have an accountant assist you. Talk with an accountant in your local community, or check the Resources section at the QuickBooks Community site to find one.

An accountant can provide invaluable services -- help you set up QuickBooks for your business, answer your questions, help with closing the books on a regular basis and assist with tax planning. Good luck!

-- Anita Campbell, Editor

(This Letter to the Editor was adapted from a question raised during my recent volunteer stint as the Expert on Ask the Expert at the QuickBooks Community site.)

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