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Which Technology Has Impacted Small Business the Most?

Recently I posed this question to readers: What is the most significant piece of technology to impact small businesses worldwide? I voted for the cell phone. Some readers differed and gave their suggestions. See what they said... and give us your opinion. More...

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Small Businesses Resisting Open Source? - Many small businesses use Linux and Open Source at the server level, but not at the desktop level. Some Small Business Trends readers weigh in with their opinions on the subject, too.

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Selling to Illegal Immigrants

With 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, it didn't take long for businesses to catch on to the market opportunity these immigrants present. Some of the country's largest businesses are now selling illegal immigrants everything from mortgages to cell phones. Small businesses such as insurance agents and car dealers are cashing in, too. Read on.

Letters to the Editor

Should I Lie About Owning a Business?

A reader emails -- " I just read your article [about the On-Again, Off-Again Entrepreneur] and had to laugh (if not cry). I am a business owner who is currently about to begin searching for a corporate job. My big question is do I position myself as a business owner or as an employee of a company? A lot of friends and even recruiters that I talk to tell me that companies don't want to hire former business owners for a multitude of reasons. "

Our answer -- As a former VP of Human Resources I never advise anyone to lie about their past. Whenever I interviewed anyone (and I've interviewed hundreds of candidates), I was always most impressed by those who were confident and matter-of-fact about their past and their reasons for wanting a position. I was least impressed by those who seemed unsure about themselves or slightly ashamed of their past. My advice is to be straight forward, explain that you were in business for yourself, that you learned valuable lessons (be prepared to enumerate 2 or 3 lessons demonstrating the kind of skills future employers would value), but that you are ready for a change and some new challenges.

Yes, you may encounter some employers who are biased against former business owners. But you will also find people like me -- I actually gave "extra points" to those with entrepreneurial backgrounds. So, hold your head high, talk about your business as if you loved it once (even if you don't feel that way now) and show lots of interest in and enthusiasm for whatever position you are interviewing for. Good luck.


July 21, 2005
No. 26



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By the Numbers

300,000 small businesses exist in Ireland today, almost double the number of 10 years ago

5 is the maximum number of employees in a microbusiness

$100,000 is the cost of getting an Internet technology startup off the ground today, a mere fraction of the $3 million required a few years ago, says one CEO



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