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Leading Cause of Death of Startups: Real Estate

Forget "three guys in a garage" -- that was your father's startup. Today it's 3 people spread out across the country or even across continents, each in their home offices or on back porches with laptops, mobile phones and WiFi. Today's startups often operate as "virtual" businesses for the first few years. Read more about this trend.

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HP Survey: 10% of Small Business Marketing Plans Include Blogs - HP and Harris Interactive did a survey in March of small business owners and found, among other things, that small businesses have taken to blogs as one part of their marketing mix. HP was kind enough to give Small Business Trends access to the full study results and include us in media discussions about the study.

Economy Slowing But Conditions Positive for U.S. Small Businesses

The latest SBA Economic Indicators report shows signs that U.S. small business owners are feeling a little less confident about the economy. Indicators declined steadily over the past 5 months. However, overall economic conditions are still positive. Read the article.

Letters to the Editor

How Do I Find Capital to Start a Business?

A reader emails -- " I read with enjoyment your article on the "on-again, off-again entrepreneur." I COULD be this person in the making. [I have an idea for a leisure business.] Herein lies my problem: I have no capital. Any great venture capitalists out there I can trust?"

Our answer -- Venture capital probably is not going to be fruitful. Fewer than 1% of startups get VC money. Usually it is for some hot technology sector business, not a leisure industry business. Most startups find they waste 6 months when looking for VC money -- 6 months they could have put to better use.

Instead, why not try one of these tried and true strategies for finding startup money:

(1) Go to extended family and friends who may have excess cash to invest. They know you and trust you.

(2) Find an angel investor in your local community. Usually the business lawyers and accountants know who has the money in town, so ask around. Your business idea is exactly the sort of thing that might interest an angel, perhaps a business owner in a related industry who wants to branch out.

(3) Work two jobs and save up money on the side. That’s how a lot of entrepreneurs start. Find something you can do or sell on the side that brings in revenues, and use all of the second-job money to fund a grubstake.

* * * * *

Good luck. I know it is challenging, but if you want it badly enough you will find a way to make it happen.


May 26, 2005
No. 24



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