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Outsourcing Companies Target Small Business

Paul Woodhouse, one of the U.K.'s best-known business bloggers (he writes the Tinbasher blog), writes about the practical side of outsourcing in a guest post. Outsourcing is not just about call centers in India or manufacturing plants in China -- lots of everyday outsourcing goes on, and lots of it at the local level -- read about everyday outsourcing by small businesses.

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Starting Small Businesses Later in Life - Four times as many Americans want to own their own small businesses in later life, versus those who want to retire and not work at all. When work and personal life are integrated, with flexible work hours and conditions, "retirees" want to continue working -- even after "retirement."

The Entrepreneurial Addiction - For a special treat -- read this entertaining guest column by business humorist Hesh Reinfeld, who writes, "It had been six months since I had read a business plan. And I missed it. I missed it real bad. I salivated when the Wall St. Journal driver came down my block... only to skip my house...."

Wal-Mart and Small Businesses - Wal-Mart bashers all too frequently forget: it's not always a case of Wal-Mart and small businesses competing against one another: "Getting into Wal-Mart is an entrepreneur's equivalent of making it to Broadway. Even a short run on the shelves there can help transform an invention from niche product to household name."

Top Trends in Search Marketing - MarketingSherpa has published another of its excellent reports, this one on the up-to-the-minute status of online search marketing. Think you know a little something about press releases and search engine optimization? The results may surprise you.

Capitals of Small Business - Want to know the capital of the light aircraft industry? Or the capital of weight loss centers in the United States? Find out which cities and towns are capitals of certain industries, dominated by small businesses.

Small Business Trends Radio

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Our new Internet radio show starts on November 1, 2005 on the VoiceAmerica Business network. Many thanks to our main show sponsor, Six Disciplines Inc., for making it all possible. We are also looking for weekly sponsors. If you would you like to get your message out to small businesses for less than a half-cent each, please send an email to Steve Rucinski.

A Message from the Editor

Many of us have old cell phones lying around. Why not sell your old cell phones? You can earn a few dollars, and we get a few nickels too. It is an easy process -- I have done it several times myself. Thank you so much for your continued support! -- Anita Campbell, Editor

Sell your old cell phone here.

Letters to the Editor

Does the U.S. Government Provide Help for Starting a Business?

A reader emails -- " Dear Anita, With due respect, I am a new immigrant to US. I want to know is there any department in US to guide newcomers to start a business in USA. Thanks
K. I."

Our answer -- "Go to, and click on the Launching page: That site is packed with helpful information and serves as a checklist of all the necessary aspects of starting a business.

Also, try to find a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in your area, and visit them. They provide guidance for starting businesses. The service is free for those who cannot afford private consultants. You can locate the nearest center here: Good luck!"


September 23, 2005
No. 28




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50 is the number of magazines every business owner should be reading each month in order to stay up on emerging trends

99.3% of businesses in the United Kingdom employ fewer than 50 employees -- yet another country where small business rules!



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