Spotlight: NexHealth Uses Tech to Make the Healthcare Industry More Efficient

NexHealth Uses Tech to Make the Healthcare Industry More Efficient

The healthcare industry is changing dramatically. And technology is becoming a big part of that change. NexHealth wants to help usher in the next wave of efficiency in the healthcare industry.

The company provides a platform that connects patients and healthcare providers. Read more about the unique business idea in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Connects patients, doctors, and developers.

Chelsea Robinson, Growth Marketing Manager at NexHealth told Small Business Trends, “We have an all-in-one patient experience management platform which integrates directly with practice management and EHR systems. Our platform includes important features like two way messaging, online booking, online payments, telehealth, appointment reminders and more.”

Business Niche

A real-time online booking platform.

Robinson says, “It supports full customization capabilities for 1 to 500 location medical and dental practices.”

How the Business Got Started

Because of personal experience.

Robinson explains, “After pre-med, and actually en route to medical school, our CEO, Alamin Uddin pivoted to build NexHealth. He was working in a dental office and experienced first-hand the exigent need to automate and improve the patient experience. He called on a good friend to help him accomplish this (our co-founder Waleed Asif). And the rest is history.”

Biggest Win

Developing integrations with a proprietary healthcare API.

Robinson says, “We further developed and released the API to our customers after recognizing the disparity of the healthcare industry. We wanted to offer more value to our base beyond what they were already getting in the space. It’s a “win”, not only because of the additional revenue it has brought in, but also because it’s a huge aid to innovation in a space the sorely needs it.”

Biggest Risk

Moving from New York to San Francisco.

Robinson explains, “We wanted to raise more funding in Silicon Valley, but our main market (and most of our customers at the time) was in New York. We were worried we’d lose visibility in that market, but it hasn’t hindered us from success there AND we’ve been able to raise critical funding. In fact, we recently closed a $15M Series A round.”

Lesson Learned

Invest in your team.

Robinson adds, “In our early days, we didn’t really focus on culture and making employees happy like we do now. Nearly tripling our employee headcount in the past six months has forced us to build structure into the business and make sure people feel good about working for our team. Investing in people is tantamount to investing in success.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Engineering resources to build more integrations for customers.

Robinson explains, “We want to scale our system integrations so we can cater to more of the dental and medical market. Consistent, yet targeted improvement is important in SaaS. Listening and responding to your customer base’s evolving needs is what keeps the ball rolling.”

Last Team Outing

Celebrating a significant milestone.

Robinson says, “Our 3rd anniversary was in February and we were able to celebrate with some bowling and Karaoke before the pandemic escalated. Nothing says team bonding quite like knocking over some pins and belting out “Roxanne” with your coworkers.”

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Image: NexHealth, Alamin Uddin and Waleed Asif

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