Transportation Tops Most In-Demand Non-Degree Jobs for Small Businesses

No degree? No problem! According to Indeed, these are the no degree jobs that are most in demand among small businesses in the United States.

No degree, no problem? Not so fast.

Job seekers without a college degree still have plenty of opportunities in this economy. And small businesses are seeking lots of people for jobs that don’t require the sheepskin.

That doesn’t mean these jobs don’t require some level of expertise and, in some cases, extra certifications and licenses.

In Demand No Degree Jobs

According to the latest data from Indeed, small businesses are looking most for tractor-trailer drivers and taxi cabbies among openings that don’t require a college degree. This information confirms earlier data from Indeed showing transportation jobs most in demand among U.S. small businesses.

Indeed uses job listings at for its employment data.

Customer service jobs, sales jobs and supervisor positions were also among the most in-demand jobs that don’t require a college degree at small businesses.

Delivery truck drivers are the sixth-most in demand non-degree job needed by small businesses. Child care workers are seventh, computer support specialists are eighth most needed, administrative assistants are nineth, and food service managers, tenth.

Small businesses are learning, however, that lack of a degree requirement doesn’t necessarily mean that finding the right candidate will be easy. Small business owners will likely be wanting someone to fit a specific need and that may require a special certification that likely can’t be earned in college.

Another barrier for small businesses is the same faced in hiring anyone — bigger companies wanting the same employees.

Daniel Culbertson, economist for Indeed, says, “Although, these positions often don’t require a degree, there are still barriers to entry for many of them. In addition to looking for job seekers with experience, businesses are smart to familiarize themselves with industry recognized certifications that will help them screen for the most qualified candidates to interview.

“Of course, those job seekers are most likely to be the most attractive to competitive employers as well.”

Before getting a search for one of these job openings started, it’d be wise to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the job you’re looking to fill. And you’ll want to find out what special qualifications you’ll want your candidate to possess and what ones are negotiable.


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