Nuts and Bolts of Small Business

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Understanding the nuts and bolts of small business is really important when it comes to getting things done. You can have great ideas, but putting them into action is what makes a successful venture.

Trends & Tools

Action not words. Business schools are beginning to stress action over a simple well-written business plan in contests meant to test young entrepreneurs’ ability to launch a new venture. Obviously, small business owners already know the value of legwork when it comes to putting plans into action. WSJ

Want to take your company public? The Obama administration is proposing policy that could make the process easier. If you have a business you think could be the next Facebook, please check out the proposal and tell us what you think. Bloomberg Businessweek

Handling logistics for your small business. There are some very cool tech tools to help you handle both shipping and logistics, so no reason to reinvent the wheel. If your business requires you to get products from suppliers and ship them to customers, you’ll probably find solutions here. Smallbiz Technology

2012 Small Business Book Awards

Win free books through The Great Big Biz Book Giveaway! Through February 7 you can win some awesome books free through The Great Big Biz Book Giveaway in conjunction with the 2012 Small Business Book Awards from SBT. Entering couldn’t be simpler. Just tweet a message with the hashtag #BizBookAwardsWin during the daily book giveaway for your chance to win. Small Business Trends

Vote for your favorite title. Voting has begun for the 2012 Small Business Book Awards. The nominations are in. Now it’s time to pick a winner. See the list at the link above for more on the titles up for awards. Small Business Trends

Strategy & Tech

Why competing on price is always a mistake. It may make sense at first to offer your services at the lowest possible cost…until you realize there’s probably always someone who can do the job for less than you. Here’s why price isn’t the place to compete. Michael Hartzel

Small business in the cloud. A forecast of the best applications for 2012 show variety of focuses based on your business needs. Depending upon your business model and focus, there are various applications that may interest you.

Success Stories

Growing a business despite recession. Hard economic times don’t mean that new ventures are doomed to fail. Here is one success story proving clearly that more than simple economic projections determine success or failure in your small business. Tweak Your Biz

Marketing Basics

Are people reading the e-mails you send? If e-mail marketing is part of your business strategy, then being sure your e-mails are receiving attention couldn’t be more important. Here are some tips you may wish to consider. Blogtrepreneur

Why it soon may be too late to jump onto Google+. We’ve posted plenty about the Google+ platform and its usefulness for small business. Here are some thoughts about using this marketing tool before it’s too late. FixCourse

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