50 Office Halloween Costume Ideas for a Spooktacular Workplace

40 Office Halloween Costume Ideas

Office Halloween costume ideas are not just a fleeting trend – they represent a vibrant manifestation of the widespread Halloween enthusiasm. Delving into the figures from the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, a staggering $9 billion was projected to be spent by Americans in 2018, with a significant portion, approximately $3.2 billion, dedicated solely to costumes.

So, who exactly fuels this $3.2 billion expenditure on costumes? Remarkably, among those contributing could be your own employees. If you’ve taken the festive leap by permitting your staff to wear costumes to work, you might even consider joining the Halloween fervor yourself.

Naturally, maintaining a sense of professionalism through appropriate costumes is important. But the question arises: Where can both you and your employees discover fitting Halloween costume ideas that seamlessly blend the festive and the formal?

Search no more! We present to you a curated selection of 50 office Halloween costume ideas. This collection not only ensures an enjoyable and spirited atmosphere for you and your team but also guarantees a polished and suitable image for your small business.

Office Halloween Costume Ideas List

Halloween Costumes From The Office

It seems appropriate to start this list with ideas from hit NBC television show The Office. And the effort Dwight Shrute puts into his costumes on the show should help get the ball rolling. Here is Dwight as the Joker from “The Dark Knight”.

This is from the Employee Transfer episode which aired originally on October 30, 2008.

40 Office Halloween Costume Ideas

image: NBC

Let Your Employees Dress Up as You

Your employees may be concerned they’ll get in some hot water for doing this. But assure them it’s all in good fun (as long as you’re comfortable taking a joke.) If everyone goes along with it, this could be great for morale!

Dwight Shrute

The popularity of The Office means it has fans across all demographics. And with Dwight’s shenanigans on the show, it is only fair anyone should be able to dress like him. Here is a simple costume that shows your appreciation for Dwight.



You can easily make a skeleton by cutting the ribs on a white t-shirt and wearing a black top underneath. Add makeup to your face and you have a DIY skeleton. Of course, these dancing skeletons are always a hit:

An Emoji

Emojis let you express how you feel when you are messaging. This makes another easy DIY costume. You can create emojis on a piece of cardboard with different emotions and use different ones throughout the day. Or have one displaying them all at the same time.

Mad Scientist

Embrace the eccentric with a white lab coat, crazy wig, and some quirky goggles.


Channel your inner sleuth with a trench coat, fedora, and magnifying glass.

Pop Art Character

Transform into a living comic book character with vibrant, bold makeup and a colorful outfit.

Garden Gnome

A pointy hat, fake beard, and a fishing rod can turn you into a charming garden gnome.

Cotton Candy Costume

Another thing which is synonymous with Halloween is candy. So why not go as cotton candy. Here’s a playful DIY costume you can make with just a few items.

40 Office Halloween Costume Ideas

image: AWW SAM

Vampires and La Catrina

office halloween costume ideas - La Catrina

image: Zuu819 on Instagram

Halloween classics like vampires and Day of the Dead costumes are getting a fresh twist this year with special contact lenses. For vampires, blood-red or otherworldly colors can add an eerily realistic touch. And for La Catrina or Day of the Dead skull makeup, those same lenses can add unique flair, making these timeless costumes feel brand new. Isn’t that something?

Ken & Barbie

You know that new Barbie movie that’s breaking records? Well, it’s bound to cause a fun trend in the office with a DIY Ken & Barbie boxed costume like the one below. People are getting creative, and these costumes are shaping up to be the hot choice for workplace parties this year.


office halloween costume ideas - Ken & Barbie

image: HalloweenCostumes on Instagram

Candy Corn

While still on the candy theme, it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy corn. This fun and bright costume will cheer everyone up at the office.

image: Liveaboard Takes the Suburbs

A Fortune Teller in your Office

One way to get everyone in the office to participate in the festivities of Halloween is to go dressed as a fortune teller. This costume is especially creative if the person also includes some of the tools of the trade.

Food Costumes

Want to be a vegetable, fruit, snack, dessert or any other food type? Dressing as an edible is very popular. You can be as creative as you want with these ideas. Just make sure you will still be able to work with your costume.

Clark Kent/Superman

This costume could actually be a two for one. You can dress in a suit with glasses and be Clark Kent. But if something should arise in the office, you can unbutton your shirt and reveal you are actually Superman.

Social Butterfly

This costume has become popular in the past couple of years. However, you can add your favorite social media channels and make it your own.



If you have black skinny jeans, a striped shirt, suspenders and a beret, you have yourself a mime costume. Add the white makeup and you are ready to amuse your co-workers all day long.

The Twitter Bird

A certain president has made Twitter more popular than ever. So why not go as the Twitter bird and get everybody tweeting. This DIY costume comes from Elizabethany, a radio and social media personality.

40 Office Halloween Costume Ideas

image: Elizabethany

The Cast of Seinfeld

If you have a small or large group, this costume idea can include the four main characters, or many of the other well know supporting cast. You can take it a step further and include the whole office. Speaking of offices, you can do this for The Office or any of your other favorite shows. All it takes is clothes you probably have in your closet

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Make this childhood game come to life with adult-sized costumes of rock, paper, scissors.


What about the Spice Girls?

Why not go as the Spice Girls on Halloween!

office halloween costume ideas - spice girls

image: #spicegirlshalloween on Instagram

The Addams Family

On the slightly creepier and adult side, you can do The Addams Family. If there is one family which epitomizes Halloween, this one is it with a great sense of humor to boot.

Is that Photoshopped?

Photoshop is so popular it has become a verb. And if you make your costume this intricate, your co-workers will be asking if you have been photoshopped.


Temporary Tattoos

office halloween costume ideas - person getting a temporary henna tattoo

Temporary tattoos are a great way to create a different persona. They are cheap and easy to apply. You can go all out and really create a great costume with this idea.

Easy Ceiling Fan Costume

This costume uses a simple play on words to get its message across. You’ll make co-workers think for a minutes than laugh at the pun. This is easy to do, funny and not too outrageous.

40 Office Halloween Costume Ideas

image: Good Housekeeping

Uncle Sam

Do you work at an accounting firm? What better way to keep everyone on their toes than to dress as Uncle Sam. All you need is a top hat, a white wig, a bow tie, a goatee and you are set.  You can add the coat and the striped pants if you want to go all out.

Bread Winner

This is another costume which takes the meaning of a word literally and makes it funny. All you need are some medals around your neck and some bread.

Bread Winner Costume

image: Good Housekeeping

Comic Book Super Heroes for Men and Women

We’ve already mentioned Superman. When it comes to costume ideas, comic books provide a treasure trove. Spiderman, Wonder Woman, The Hulk, Super Girl, and the list goes on. Choose your favorite superhero and go for it.

Flo from Progressive

Flo from Progressive was one of the most successful marketing personalities with more than 100 commercials. If your industry handles insurance, so much the better.


The Minions

You can go solo as a single Minion or include everyone in the office as part of a theme. This is also an easy and fun costume the whole crew can participate in.

Bob Ross

Long after his passing in 1995, Bob Ross is more popular than ever. With this costume, you can include a co-worker and bring the whole thing together.


Bulletin Board

Just take some post-it notes, write different messages and pin them on a long-sleeved shirt. And you will become a bulletin board. You can make this bigger by making yourself one large post-it note.

Inflatable Car Guy

This costume will require some space, but if you can pull it off, you will give everyone at the office a fun experience.


Disney Characters

From Belle to Cruella, Wicked Witch of the East, Maleficent, Goofy, Mini Mouse and many others, you can’t go wrong with one of these costumes. With so many options, you can make it as simple or intricate as you want.

Rizzo From Grease

Grease is one of the most popular musicals of all time and you can dress up as any of the characters in the movie. Here’s Rizzo, one of the Pink Ladies.

image: teenvogue

Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs Costumes

One thing Zuckerberg is known for is wearing the same style of clothes all the time, which also goes for Steve Jobs. So, if you have a t-shirt, hoodie and jeans for Zuckerberg and a black turtleneck, blue jeans, New Balance shoes and a pair of glasses for Jobs, you have two options.

Sock Hop

Still, in that era of Grease, a sock hop costume can be worn in any office environment.


Facebook (Sort of…)

Are you the minimalist type? Well, nothing could be easier than this idea which comes courtesy of The Office. All Jim Halper did was write ‘book’ across his face, thus Facebook. This is from the Koi Pond episode which aired on October 29, 2009.

40 Office Halloween Costume Ideas

image: NBC

Homer Simpson

Thirty years on TV and The Simpsons are still running. And going as Homer Simpson, or any member of this animated family, is one way you can have fun at the office.


A Chip on Your Shoulder

Do you have a chip on your shoulder? Just take your favorite brand of chips, attach it with tape on your shoulder, and there you go — a costume you can put on and take off throughout the day. You can also do this by putting Smarties candies on your pants and going as ‘smartie pants’, cookies with a cap and gown for a smart cookie and the list goes on.

A Costume for You and Your Dog

If your office is pet-friendly, you can always make your dog part of the party. In this case, your dog can be Batman and you can go as Robin. There won’t be a more formidable duo at your office Halloween costume party.


Animal Costumes

Dressing as your favorite animal is another costume idea for the workplace. This kind of costume can be simple and easy or you can get intricate. It all depends on how much time and money you want to spend, as well as your level of commitment.

Zombie Businessperson

Add a spooky twist to your regular office attire by zombifying it with makeup and fake blood.

Storybook Character

Dress as your favorite character from classic literature or children’s books.

Disco Dancer

Shine with a flashy disco outfit, complete with glitter and bell-bottoms.


A swashbuckling costume complete with an eye patch, bandana, and maybe even a parrot on your shoulder.


Wrap yourself in bandages for a classic and easy mummy costume.

Pixelated Images for Adults

As a DIY costume, this is another great idea that is also a lot of fun. Just make two cardboards with alternating colored squares for your top and bottom, and you have a costume. Wear nude color clothes underneath and it will complete the look.


Great Youtube Video Shorts for Halloween Makeup

The great thing about Halloween is it lets you express yourself. If you’ve decided to encourage your employees to dress up, make the most of it and enjoy the process and the festivities that go along with it. All you have to do is make sure all costumes are workplace appropriate for your small business.

And if you have any office Halloween costume ideas you want to share with us, leave a comment below.

Image: Depositphotos.com

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