10 Office Space Ideas You Can Use Right Now

10 Office Space Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Not all startup offices need ping-pong tables and beer on tap to come across as fresh and modern. That’s why we asked 10 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) what one thing anyone can do to instantly upgrade their office space.

Here’s what YEC community members had to say:

Office Space Ideas

1. Get an Amazon Echo

“What’s more modern than a virtual reality assistant with speech recognition that everyone can use? It’s a wireless speaker that canplay music upon request and an assistant who can schedule appointments, call Ubers, control the thermostat and even answer research questions. Connect it to an Amazon account and you can easily order supplies to the office with just your voice.” ~ Andrew ThomasSkyBell Doorbell

2. Bring in Artwork

“We’re tempted to fill our offices with books, equipment and files, but consider something inspiring like a beautiful landscape or contemporary piece of art. A colorful print lives in my office, a gift from a client, and it reminds me of her business and talent when I’m feeling stuck or just tired of being indoors. Find some artwork you like and give it a place of honor in your office.” ~ Kelly Azevedo, She’s Got Systems

3. Use Whiteboard Paint

“Give empty walls a coat of whiteboard paint, then take your markers out and use them. Doing so makes the energy and brilliance of your organization palpable to your fellow team members and office visitors. ” ~ Christopher KellyConvene

4. Add Stand-Up Desks

“One thing you can do right now to make your office space feel ultra modern is to add a stand-up desk. Electronic stand-up desks, while super chic, tend to cost around $1,000, while more affordable manual adjust options exists for under $300. Many pundits tout the health benefits of a stand-up desk, which is fantastic, but the real appeal is that they make a workplace look modern.” ~ Kristopher JonesLSEO.com

5. Put Clocks With Different Time Zones on the Wall

“Go buy 5-10 clocks, hang them on the wall and label them with different time zones. Not only are clocks a modern look, but they’re functional for employees to see what time it is for east coast/west coast clients.” ~ Brett FarmiloeMarkitors

6. Add Plants

“There’s nothing like greenery to make an office feel modern, warm, approachable and comfortable. Everyone enjoys plants, and nowadays there are a lot of unique choices and arrangements available. I’d highly recommend well placed, modern plants throughout any office. There’s actually research that having green plants in an office can raise morale.” ~ Mitch GordonGo Overseas

7. Turn Custom Graphics Into Wall Murals

“Being a tech startup in Detroit is a major part of our culture, so seeing a large mural of The Monument to Joe Louis (aka “The Fist”) when you walk through our glass doors is a daily reminder to “crush it.” Other murals ranging from iconic movie locations like The Shire and Temple of Doom grace our conference room walls. This is a fun and quirky way to infuse personality into our space.” ~ Jeff EpsteinAmbassador

8. Relax the Dress Code

“A modern, new-school office focuses on the needs of its employees — and your employees want to be comfortable while they work. So, relax the dress code a bit and allow your employees to brag about how they can wear jeans to work. Just be sure you communicate the dress code boundaries, to still maintain a business casual environment that is always presentable to important or unexpected guests.” ~ Wesley MathewsHigh Level Marketing

9. Put Up a Flat Screen

“Put up a flat screen on the wall. In an entry way show pictures, company videos, upcoming events, welcome notices or whatever fits your company’s personality. In the office, use flat screens to communicate important company information or use it to make it easy for employees to monitor technology, yours or your clients. Nothing modernizes an office life a nice big screen.  ” ~ Dan GoldenBe Found Online

10. Add a Mother’s Room

“Making your startup inclusive for team members in all life stages goes the longest way in modernizing your office. Gone are the days of the “tech-bro” startup with ping pong tables and beer kegs. Employees want to feel supported and know they have a place to grow with your company. Ensuring you have a room for nursing mothers goes a long way in attracting and keeping the best talent.” ~ Jennifer Mellon, Trustify

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