The Trend of One Stop Shops in Influencer Marketing

The Trend of One Stop Shops in Influencer Marketing

Managing influencer marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, a new trend of one stop shops for influencer marketing could make the process a whole lot easier for brands.

Small Business Trends spoke with Neil Henderson and Marco Pimentel of Assembly at the recent Influencer Marketing Days conference in New York City’s Times Square. Assembly is one of those companies that provides a platform for brands and agencies to manage all aspects of their influencer marketing campaigns in one place.

The Rise of One Stop Shops in Influencer Marketing

Assembly and similar companies are starting to offer one stop shops for brands looking to make the most of influencer marketing. But that hasn’t always been the case. In the past, and even for some brands now, managing influencer marketing campaigns without those platforms has been messy.

Henderson explained, “People are using UTM links and Google Analytics. They’re using a ton of spreadsheets. They’re communicating across, you know, five different social platforms. So it’s a real variety of different things that they’re doing. But it’s messy. And it’s not uniform in one place.”

So clearly, the benefit of using a platform like Assembly is to have one access point to all of the data and controls you need for your campaigns. This makes the process of managing those campaigns more seamless, creating even more of an incentive for brands to give influencer marketing a try.

Henderson said of Assembly’s platform, “We’re seeing a big trend of brands kind of doing it themselves. So it’s a self-serve platform where you can onboard your own influencers that you already have the phenomenal relationships with, and through our platform create campaigns, push those campaigns live, manage them once they’re live, monitor the results and every KPI that’s important to influencer marketers can be delivered in our app, reported upon and then sent back to whoever it’s important to.”

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