20 Online Appointment Scheduling Software Programs for Small Businesses

online appointment scheduling software

If you run a business that relies on clients making bookings, adequately scheduling appointments can help your business run smoothly, and ensure appointments are never missed. One of the easiest ways to efficiently schedule appointments is to embrace automated appointment scheduling software.

Small Business Trends takes a look at 20 online appointment scheduling apps designed to make appointment scheduling more seamless and efficient.

Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

Appointment scheduling software offers numerous benefits for small businesses, streamlining their operations and enhancing customer experience. One of the most significant advantages is the improved efficiency in managing appointments. This type of software automates the scheduling process, reducing the need for manual input and minimizing the likelihood of errors. As a result, small business owners and their staff can focus more on core business activities instead of administrative tasks.

Key benefits of appointment scheduling software for small businesses include:

  • Time-Saving: Automates the booking process, reducing the time spent on scheduling and rescheduling appointments.
  • 24/7 Availability: Allows customers to book appointments outside of regular business hours, providing greater convenience.
  • Reduced No-Shows: Automated reminders can be sent to clients, decreasing the number of missed appointments.
  • Increased Revenue: Efficient scheduling can lead to more appointments and, consequently, higher revenue.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Enhances the customer experience with easy and quick booking, contributing to customer loyalty.
  • Data Management: Centralizes client information and appointment history, aiding in better customer relationship management.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the business, including managing multiple staff members and services.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Many scheduling solutions offer mobile apps, allowing both business owners and customers to manage appointments on the go.

online appointment scheduling software

Methodology for Selecting Online Appointment Scheduling Software

As small business owners or entrepreneurs, choosing the right online appointment scheduling software involves a thoughtful consideration of various factors. These criteria ensure the software not only meets operational needs but also enhances the customer experience. Here’s a detailed look at the factors we considered when compiling our list:

  1. User-Friendly Interface
    • Scale of Importance: 9/10
    • The software should be easy to navigate for both our team and our customers, with a clear and intuitive interface.
  2. Integration with Existing Systems
    • Scale of Importance: 8/10
    • It’s crucial that the software can seamlessly integrate with our existing website, CRM systems, and other digital tools.
  3. Customizability
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • The ability to customize the software to fit our specific business needs, branding, and scheduling preferences is important.
  4. Automated Notifications and Reminders
    • Scale of Importance: 9/10
    • Automated email or SMS notifications for appointments can reduce no-shows and keep both staff and customers informed.
  5. Scalability
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • The software should be capable of handling an increasing number of appointments and users as our business grows.
  6. Cost-Effectiveness
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • We need to balance robust features with affordability to ensure the software is cost-effective for our business size and budget.
  7. Reliability and Uptime
    • Scale of Importance: 8/10
    • Dependable software with minimal downtime is crucial to avoid disruptions in scheduling and maintaining customer trust.
  8. Mobile Compatibility
    • Scale of Importance: 8/10
    • The software should be accessible and fully functional on mobile devices, catering to the increasing number of mobile users.
  9. Data Security and Privacy
    • Scale of Importance: 9/10
    • Ensuring the security and privacy of customer data within the scheduling system is non-negotiable.
  10. Support and Maintenance
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • Reliable customer support and regular updates are essential to keep the software running smoothly and to address any issues promptly.

online appointment scheduling software

Online Appointment Scheduling Software


Visibook is a powerful tool for professionals and businesses to manage client appointments. This newly-launched scheduling software app allows entrepreneurs to manage client appointments. Clients can see appointment availabilities on a shared calendar, and schedule, track and manage appointments, consequently streamlining the whole appointment scheduling process for both parties. The software includes booking links that businesses can share with clients and automatic 24-hour reminders prior to appointments.


With a 24/7 online booking system, Reservio enables businesses to streamline appointment scheduling and never miss an appointment. More than 75,000 businesses from 35 countries use Reservio every day to schedule appointments and improve their business. Users can take advantage of a free plan with 40 monthly bookings and basic scheduling features.

online appointment scheduling software

Agile CRM

Agile is an all-in-one CRM, which features online appointment scheduling software. The app enables clients to schedule appointments in calendars, which business owners can sync with other calendars. One particularly effective feature of Agile is the fact the calendar link can be embedded into email marketing campaigns, enabling clients and prospects receiving the emails to select a convenient time and date to schedule a meeting. A starter version of Agile is available at just $8.99 a month.


BookSteam is a smart online appointment scheduler that provides freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners with a simple way for clients to schedule appointments online in real time. With a customizable platform BookSteam allows users to create a bespoke calendar designed to book and attract new customers online.  BookSteam’s pricing starts from $19.95 a month for the Solo package, designed for one staff member.

Sign In Scheduling

Sign In Scheduling (formerly 10to8) is an effective appointment management system which sends out automated text reminders. More than 34,700 businesses around the world use Sign In Scheduling to efficiently coordinate with clients without multitasking and, with smart texts and email reminders, reduce no-show rates by as much as 90%. This 24/7 online booking app offers a free plan, followed by three more pricing options, the most comprehensive being the Enterprise Plan.


Timely enables business owners and freelancers to streamline their appointments. Timely’s powerful calendar allows users to add, move and cancel appointments with ease and without any delay, and see what’s coming up. Clients can check into the online bookings feature of the app and search for available appointment slots and book in at their leisure. Such online booking requests are then automatically updated in the calendar. Timely offers a three-tiered payment structure, starting from approximately $20 a month.


Booksy (formerly Versum) offers powerful appointment scheduling software for professionals operating within the hair and beauty salon industry. Hair and beauty freelancers and businesses can gather all information on appointments, and manage their schedules conveniently. This advanced software gives individuals and businesses instant access to a client’s appointment history, discounts and preferences. Hair and beauty specialists can try Booksy free of charge for 14 days.


For businesses which are heavily reliant on social media, Appointy could be the most effective online appointment scheduling app for their business. This advanced software enables businesses to book appointments from the different social media channels. Appointments can then be embedded into the appointment calendar on the business’s Facebook page. Appointy has a free monthly plan, rising up to an Enterprise Plan, which starts at $59.99 a month.

online appointment scheduling software


vCita is an all-in-one business management app for SMBs. Calendar management is a key feature of vCita, in which clients can set appointments on a business’s online calendar and reschedule at any time via the company’s website, mobile, social network profiles, or even on the emails a business sends. With automated email and text, professionals and businesses can save time on back and forth coordination around calendar management, as well as reducing cancellation and no-show rates. vCita offers a basic online calendar for free, ranging to a business plan, which starts at $39.90 a month.


Kickserv Field Service Software includes customer servicing and scheduling, designed to ensure business owners, freelancers and start-ups always know when an appointment is approaching. Kickserv’s sophisticated calendar filtering options enables users to drag and drop appointments and dynamically filter calendars. With color-coding, businesses have an accurate picture of their day, week or month ahead. Kickserv starts from $26 per month.


Aiming to “calm your appointment scheduling chaos”, BookedIN allows users to set up an online appointment scheduler within minutes and invite clients to book and pay for appointments online. This hassle-free online booking system for entrepreneurs and their clients has a tiered payment structure, starting from $24 a year to $69 annually.


FrontDesk helps to simplify client management and allow professionals grow their business through effective client management software for those in the fitness and arts industries. Businesses and clients can save time on ‘front desk’ tasks, such as appointment scheduling, through mobile-friendly and easy-to-use online scheduling for clients and staff. FrontDesk’s pricing starts from $129 per month.


Bookafy is online appointment booking software that is rich in features. Individuals can schedule meetings, calls, demos and services to help grow their business by waving goodbye to time-consuming email and phone-based appointment scheduling. Appointments can be synced with Google Calendar and Outlook and payments and can also be collected at the booking stage. For individuals wanting effective scheduling software, Bookafy costs just $19 a month.


SetMore allows freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners to book and manage appointments via Web, Android and iOS apps. Users can set SMS and email reminders to help them stay on top of all their appointments. SMS reminders can also be sent to customers to remind them of their future appointments. For a premium scheduling software service, businesses can choose from $25 a month or $199 a year plans.

online appointment scheduling software

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling has been hailed as being a “superhero for your schedule”. This appointment scheduling software helps business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers arrange appointments and their calendars with ease and efficiency. Acuity Scheduling allows clients to view availability quickly in real-time and self-book their own appointments, and even reschedule in just a click. Acuity Scheduling offers a four-tiered pricing structure, ranging from $0 for a freebie up to $34 a month for the ‘Powerhouse Player’ tier.


Xola is available for freelancers and individuals wanting to grow their business by making their appointment scheduling considerably more professional and seamless. Xola’s easy-to-use system is designed to save individuals time and accelerate business growth. Xola’s Professional Plan costs $99 a month.


Calendly can be synced with Google calendars and allows users to receive requests for appointments rather than merely booking meetings straight up. Once the meeting has been accepted, the appointment is added to the Outlook or Google calendar of all meeting invitees. Calendly offers a free trial, a Premium account for $8 a month, and a Pro account for $12 a month.


Vagaro is a web-based solution for businesses in the health and fitness industry to connect with customers and benefits from complete appointment booking controls. The software boasts 24/7 scheduling, enabling health and fitness businesses to streamline their clients’ booking experience. Health and fitness clubs and professionals can use Vagaro for just $25 a month.


SuperSaas offers affordable, flexible and easy-to-use appointment scheduling features for entrepreneurs and businesses working within any industry. SuperSaaS enables users to accept online appointments for their business, use an online booking calendar for events, workshops and conferences, and much more. SuperSaas offers a free version that limits the maximum number of upcoming appoints for 50.


If you run a yoga or personal training business then Punchpass could be an effective tool in crafting a more seamless scheduling system for clients to book onto classes and fitness sessions. Instead of relying on the phone or email to make class reservations, customers can book for classes and appointments online with this simple-to-use and flexible appointment management software. PunchPass starts from $34 a month.

Software NameTarget IndustriesKey FeaturesPricing
VisibookVariousShared calendar, booking links, automatic remindersNot specified
ReservioVarious24/7 online booking, 40 monthly bookings in free planFree plan available, other plans not specified
Agile CRMVarious, with a focus on CRM integrationOnline scheduling, calendar sync, embeddable calendar linksStarting at $8.99/month
BookSteamFreelancers, entrepreneursCustomizable platform, real-time online schedulingStarting at $19.95/month
Sign In Scheduling (formerly 10to8)VariousAutomated text reminders, 24/7 online bookingFree plan available, other plans not specified
TimelyVariousPowerful calendar, online booking, automatic updatesStarting from approx. $20/month
Booksy (formerly Versum)Hair and beauty salon industryAppointment history, discounts and preferences trackingFree 14-day trial, other plans not specified
AppointySocial media reliant businessesSocial media integration, Facebook page embeddingFree plan available, Enterprise Plan starting at $59.99/month
vCitaSMBsAll-in-one business management, automated reminders, calendar managementBasic online calendar free, business plan from $39.90/month
KickservVarious, including field serviceCustomer servicing and scheduling, sophisticated calendar filteringStarting from $26/month
BookedINVariousOnline appointment scheduler, payment collection$24/year to $69/year
FrontDeskFitness and arts industriesClient management, mobile-friendly schedulingStarting from $129/month
BookafyVariousOnline booking, calendar syncing, payment collectionStarting at $19/month
SetMoreVariousSMS/email reminders, Web/Android/iOS app support$25/month or $199/year
Acuity SchedulingVariousReal-time availability, self-booking and rescheduling$0 to $34/month
XolaVariousEasy-to-use system, professional plan$99/month
CalendlyVariousSyncs with Google and Outlook, request-based appointmentsFree trial, $8 to $12/month
VagaroHealth and fitness industry24/7 scheduling, booking controls$25/month
SuperSaasVariousOnline appointments, event/workshop bookingFree version available, other plans not specified
PunchPassYoga and personal trainingOnline class/appointment bookingStarting from $34/month

Do you run a business and rely on automated appointment scheduling to help book and manage important appointments and meetings? If so, we’d love to know which appointment scheduling software you use.

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