Online Business Thrives with Proper Tips

Your online business can thrive with the proper tools and techniques. Whether your company exists completely online or heavily utilizes the Web for some basic function like marketing, be sure you know the tips that can bring you success.

Getting Started

Choose a small business domain. When launching your small business Website, be sure not to  fall victim to any of the above mistakes. Choosing the right domain name for your business isn’t rocket science. Watch the video on this post as well. SelfAssemblySites

Raise capital on the Web. With the possibility of crowdfunding your business online, a whole new approach to startups is born. It’s a new environment to navigate for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Here are some of the important points. You’re the Boss

Getting Found

Find online marketing success. How do you use Search Engine Optimization and PR in your online business? Both can be useful in your search marketing efforts. Don’t forget that getting your business found online may be your most critical job. WebMaster-Success

Get Google credibility. Just like in the offline world, credibility for your online business is critical. On the Web, there is a gold standard for this credibility and its name is Google. What does Google think of your business? Small Business Trends

Digital Marketing

Leverage your blog for prospecting. You’ll make fewer cold calls with the right blogging approach. Here’s a way to use traditional sales techniques with online tools. There’s also an accompanying video that every serious online business owner should see. Ryan Hanley

Get help with online marketing. One New York-based company is offering small businesses the tools to manage their online presence with ease. Your online efforts just got a whole lot easier. Take a look at this new approach. New York Daily News

Online Presence

Drive traffic to ecommerce sites. There is no magic to creating ecommerce businesses that attract traffic. Simply understand the key methods of driving traffic and then create a strategy that works for you. Here are some core components. PixelCrayons

Rethink your business site design. One Web designer takes us on a brief tour through his company’s latest site redesign to have a look at how his business changed its online personality and why. Website Designer

Social Outreach

Be realistic about Google Plus. Not all social networks are created equal. Here’s another look at a bold new challenge to the Facebook throne. It’s always risky to pick winners and losers in the social media arena, but make sure you understand the channels you use. Fast Company

Use bookmarking to your advantage. If you don’t use social bookmarking to your advantage, you definitely should. You may have heard of some of the sites on the above list, but check out some of the others as well (our sister site BizSugar among them!) to see what you’re missing. Moneytized

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