The Online Marketing Checklist to End All Checklists


A detailed online marketing checklist in the form of a book with 675 action items. Terrific for entrepreneurs, marketing managers and those tasked with creating a world-class Web presence on a small business budget.

online marketing checklist book by Stoney deGeyter

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Ever get confused with the gazillions of marketing books and articles out there?  Ever wanted someone to just lay out for you simple steps to take to beef up your online marketing and generate more business?

Here’s just the thing to help. It’s a book called a “checklist.” But the word checklist hardly does it justice. After all, how many checklists do you see that are 219 pages?

Consider it the online marketing checklist to end all checklists.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with Stoney deGeyter’s book, The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!

What’s in the Book

Stoney deGeyter is the CEO of Pole Position Marketing, who’s been sharing his expertise online for years. He writes not just for other marketers and professionals, but for non-technical entrepreneurs and small business owners.

And that is why I highly recommend his book.

This book features a comprehensive checklist for actions to take to get your Web presence in tip-top shape and rack up more sales.  Consider the book a complete checklist of best practices for online marketing and your website.

Why You Should Read “The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!”

Two things make this book shine.

First, the book features the most comprehensive online marketing checklist I’ve ever seen:

  • It covers 35 different topic “checklists.” Each checklist is arranged as its own chapter — because it has multiple points under it. Examples of checklists include domain name, About Us page, Contact page, logo, navigation, content writing, content appearance, social sharing, internal site search, forms, FAQ pages, shopping cart, product pages, site architecture, usability, security, analytics — and more.
  • Each checklist chapter explains why it is important. By explaining the why, you get the “big picture.” For example, in the section about thank you pages, the author starts, “The thank you page is not the end of the sales or communication process; it’s really just the beginning of the next one.” He explains how it costs more to attract new customers than to sell to repeat customers. He’s persuasive about the benefits of improving your thank you pages.
  • Each checklist has action items. There are over 675 action items. An example of an action item is “Don’t talk down to your audience” under the checklist for content writing, or “Redirect old URLs” under the architecture checklist.  Each action item has about a paragraph of instructions.

Second, the book shines because it is written in plain English. Everything is explained in a way that most action items can be understood by, and many of them can be completed by, a non-technical person. For instance, many action items contain “Yes” and “No” examples so you can see exactly what to do.

Remember This About Online Marketing Checklists

Online marketing and websites are, by their nature, technical. So you will encounter some technical concepts and language.  It’s unavoidable.

To carry out some of the action items, you may need some technical know-how. I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that everything in this checklist can be done by beginners.

You’ll be able to understand most of the book even if you have limited technical knowledge.  You just may not be able to DO everything without getting some help or teaching yourself more.

But that’s no failure of the author. He does a great job explaining things in plain language. It’s simply that any online marketing checklist will involve some technical know how.

My suggestion is to start with the easiest to understand areas of the book. About Us page, help pages and content writing — get started on sections like those. The more you do, the more your knowledge will grow.

Or do what I do. Execute the simplest things yourself. Then hire people to help you with more complex activities.

Who The Book Is Best For

This book is ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing managers, webmasters, virtual assistants, and entry-level SEO specialists. Anyone tasked with creating a world-class online presence, on a small-business budget, will get value.

If you’re like many people today, you do some online activities yourself as a do-it-yourselfer. You delegate more technical activities to a capable professional. This book is perfect for you.

You’ll learn enough to do many activities on your own.  For the rest you’ll learn enough to communicate with your technical staff or outside professionals.  You will have the foundation to understand their advice and recommendations better.  (Nothing is more frustrating than hiring outside technical help, only to feel like you’re hearing a foreign language.)

I have been following Stoney deGeyter’s writings for years on various websites. A few years ago I heard him speak at a conference and became an instant fan. So I was beyond delighted to get an advance review copy of his book earlier this year  and give a testimonial for the cover.

“The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist” demystifies online marketing. It breaks online marketing down into achievable steps.

Read a section. Work on the action items. Then rinse and repeat. Before you know it, you will be making more money online than ever before — just by improving what you already have. Available on Amazon.

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