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Search engine optimization is a process of increasing the ranking of a website on search engines to uplift the number of visitors to a website. It helps websites of businesses to be found faster and easily. to maximize a website’s potential, it is mandatory to train on search engine optimization (SEO).  It’s easier, and cheaper to take them online and there are many SEO courses available online.

Popular Online SEO Courses

Here is a list of the most popular online SEO Courses:

Google SEO MasterClass for Beginners

In this brief course, Google SEO MasterClass students will learn everything from what SEO is to SEO audit and SEO tools, from keyword research and keyword planning to rank a website on Google. It also teaches on-page and off-page SEO, Google search console, WordPress SEO and commerce, target keywords, and more.

SEO 2022 – Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites

SEO 2022: Complete SEO Training teaches optimization across 50+ search engines like Google and Bing. It teaches web vitals, loading the website in less than a second, increasing time spent on the website, how to identify good and bad backlinks, getting verified on the Google search console, and immunizing against attacks.

Local SEO_ Create & Run Your Own Local SEO Campaign

People who take the Local SEO Create & Run Your Own Local SEO Campaign will be able to understand the mechanisms of local SEO and create their SEO. This includes optimizing their Google my business listing, studying ranking factors, creating content better than competitors, understanding how online reviews work, and developing one.

Google My Business Everything from Setup to Posts & More

Google my business teaches how to get a google business listing, how to be visible on google maps, and appear in an image search. You also get to learn how to create a booking option on your listing and create a webpage using google my business. Additionally, you will know how to get Google reviews and how to manage them and move up in rankings.

Technical SEO Course for Beginners

Technical SEO Course for Beginners (WordPress Technical SEO) teaches the fundamental mechanics of search engines. It will show you how to attract web crawlers so they can index your website. The course also goes into webmaster tools, optimization not only for engines but for users as well, and creating HTML sitemaps and social media sharing buttons

Fiverr SEO: Learn Fiverr Gig Ranking Techniques in 2022

Fiverr SEO is an optimization tool for the service you provide. It increases your rankings when clients search for such a service so your gig can be found on top. It teaches how Fiverr works, how to choose titles for your gig, and choose a keyword. The lessons also include the types of tags, images, and thumbnails to use on Fiverr.

Squarespace SEO Tutorial – Squarespace Website SEO Tips

By studying Squarespace SEO Tutorial you’ll learn the fundamentals of Squarespace websites and how to shape a Squarespace website well. Learn ways to boost direct sales and cut marketing costs. You’ll also be able to research the right keywords for your website. The course teaches ranking Squarespace websites in key search engines.

The Complete Link Building Course – Backlink Building 2022

Link Building Course will teach you how to put together a high-ranking backlink to your website. The course teaches: how to track your backlinks, what anchor texts are and why they’re important, backlinks of your competitors, and 10 link-building strategies step by step. It offers a certificate of completion and a free trial.

Build Powerful Private Blog Networks for Top SEO Rankings

If you are familiar with SEO and WordPress, Building Powerful Private Blog Networks (PBN) enables you to achieve high SEO rankings. Here you will learn how to choose a good domain and host your PBN, PBN footprints and how to avoid them, choose and set up plugins, budget for PBN & more.

Google Search Essential Class

One of the top-rated courses Google Search Essential Class will allow you to put the skills you learn to use in your own business immediately. It will teach you how to apply filters to get the most desired search results, and how to navigate web browsers efficiently and effectively. Best of all, it takes less than an hour to complete.

In this age where consumerism has taken the internet platform, SEOs can mean the difference between the success and failure of your website/business. And owners of websites/businesses are expected to have a vast knowledge of SEOs. All the courses mentioned above award a certification of completion and the video resources that come along with them are available for life.

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