Spotlight: Three Artist Friends Formed Open Pixel Studios After Working Together at Another Company

Three Artist Friends Formed Open Pixel Studios After Prior Experience

Most business owners already understand the power of visuals in their marketing, advertising, and training. But you can set those visuals apart even more through animation.

That’s where Open Pixel Studios comes in.

The team met while working at another company and then transitioned into their own business.

Small Business Spotlight: Open Pixel Studios

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What the Business Does

Provides animation solutions for businesses.

Co-founder Kathryn Taccone told Small Business Trends, “Open Pixel Studios provides a variety of animation services to businesses and organizations to make their visual voice heard. Animation can be utilized for marketing and advertising campaigns, in-house training videos, and much more!”

Business Niche

Creating completely customized projects.

Taccone says, “We love to bring each of our clients into the creative process as much as they feel comfortable with. With their vision and creative ideas, we can help to push the boundaries of a project to deliver a video that truly represents their voice to their audience.”

How the Business Got Started

After meeting at another company.

Taccone adds, “We started as three artists and friends who worked for a few years at Anzovin Studio. As Anzovin pivoted towards a software development model, they encouraged and supported us in creating a sister studio that we could call our own. So Open Pixel was born, and we’ve been going strong ever since!”

Biggest Win

Working with a business therapist.

Taccone explains, “That might sound strange, but to meet with someone once a month who will work through challenges and any moments of miscommunication has completely transformed the way we work and feel. Having a team of three with unique perspectives can create a number of challenges, but through our communications and understandings we’ve come to a place where we can truly see how far we can grow while supporting one another. It’s a wonderful feeling to be unified in the direction of the business, especially so early on.”

Biggest Risk

Taking on non-traditional roles.

Taccone says, “Our business model has always been organically changing. Between the three of us, we do not have department heads. Instead we focus on company wide objectives that rotate leadership based on different criteria. This gives us an opportunity to learn more about each aspect of the business without one person controlling an entire department. This idea required us to go outside of the norm, because there are few templates or structures out there for how to run a business in this manner. We took a huge risk in our approach, and so far it’s paid off immensely.”

Lesson Learned

Recognize what you don’t know.

Taccone adds, “I’ve learned more now about how to be a good leader that I wish I could have told myself about at the beginning. I’m still learning, but now I’ve started to embrace understanding where I can do better rather than trying to run away.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000


Taccone says, “We are so excited and eager to start growing, so it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to bring on new creatives and businesswomen and men to the team. We very much look forward to that day.”

Team Tradition

Making puns.

Taccone says, “We love puns, some might say too much. It would be rare to listen in on a company meeting and not hear a group of sighs as one person proudly makes a statement with a silly pun. Puns can turn an otherwise typical meeting into one for the ages.”

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Image: Open Pixel Studio; Katie Taccone, Will Colon, Karen Webb

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