Optily Releases Ad Spend Optimizer for Small Businesses


New SaaS software lets eCommerce businesses compare ad performance and reallocate budgets with a click of the mouse.  Optily’s Ad Spend Optimizer pits campaigns across Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram to see which one deserves more ad spend.

“Figuring out which ad campaigns are performing the best is a really manual and time-consuming process for many marketers,”  Brendan Hughes, Optily CEO, writes.

“With Optily’s Ad Spend Optimizer, eCommerce businesses can link up their Facebook and Google ad campaigns and get instant recommendations on how best to allocate their budget. They can apply them with a single click. or automate regular recommendations to always apply them, without having to leave the platform.”

Optily Ad Spend Optimizer

He goes on to say this software lets marketers be marketers and not analysts. Online businesses are always strapped for time and resources. Quite often marketers pay the price by wearing several hats.

Hughes supplies the big picture of why it’s hard to get an accurate idea of where digital ad money should be going.

“The walled gardens of Facebook and Google simply don’t talk to each other when it comes to ad data,” he writes. “It makes it really hard to figure out which sources are truly contributing to website traffic or having the best return on ad spend (ROAS). Attribution has always been a major headache for digital marketers.”

Optily can simplify this very time-consuming aspect of their schedule. Then marketers can focus on strategy, creatives, and exploring new avenues for growth.”

Here’s How It Works

The first step is picking a goal like the best return on ad spend (ROAS) as a benchmark. Then the users group ad campaigns together into what are called an OptiGroup. 

Hughes explains what happens next. 

“The algorithm then calculates which of these had the strongest performance and reallocates the same budget  The user then chooses which recommendations to apply.”

They can then choose to use them automatically.

One of the big bonuses here is you don’t need to increase your ad budget. That’s usually the recommendation from platforms like Google and Facebook.

“Optily brings in all the signals from the ad platforms themselves along with Google Analytics, when available,” Hughes says.

They’ve even added some new tweaks to let you see the numbers if you decide to change your spend. They’ve recently added options to change an overall budget and generate new recommendations. These can be applied within the Optily platform instantly.

The software works best with e-commerce businesses. Staying on top of the evolving digital ad landscape is a constant challenge the company relishes.

“Today, Optily caters for ad campaigns from across Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These account for around 83% of digital ad spend.  We already support Microsoft Ads, Pinterest Ads, Snap Ads, and TikTok Ads with our Optily+ service. We’ll listen closely to customers as we develop our next set of innovative features.”

Interested small businesses can book a quick 15-minute demo call with Optily’s Strategy Squad to see the platform in action. Already got ads running? They’ll set you up with a free 14-day trial.

After the free two-week trial, the Accelerate plan with 3 OptiGroups starts at $299/month, reducing to $249 when paid annually.

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  1. If you’re tracking is trustworthy and you’re measuring the right metrics, this could be really helpful. My guess is that it’s a lot of setup and troubleshooting though.