Oracle Announces Involver Purchase as Social Media Becomes Business Imperative

Back in the days when social media was just a way to friend your pals from college or share a funny photo, some companies might not have predicted the medium would become the marketing and business communications power it is today. But a recent announcement by tech giant Oracle of its intention to buy startup social media manager Involver, perhaps more than Facebook’ s oft reported Wall Street debut, is a sign of where social media for business is headed.

The Oracle Speaks!

Getting to know you. A post from Involver president and CEO Don Beck on the company’s blog puts the Oracle purchase into perspective. “The proliferation of social media has changed the way that organizations and consumers interact,” Beck writes. The Involver Blog

Finding the next big thing. Oracle’s own announcement of the acquisition plays up the importance the tech giant places in social media, not just for simple marketing, but for increasing brand loyalty, connecting with potential customers, and anticipating buyers’ needs. Oracle

Involver gets involved with Oracle. The partnership between Oracle and its latest acquisition Involver can be seen from another perspective. The alliance combines Involver’s social media tools with the broader menu of Oracle cloud solutions, including more social options from previous acquisitions. PC Mag

Other Acquisitions

Buying into social media. In fact, Involver isn’t the first social media purchase for Oracle, a company that is clearly attempting to increase social offerings as part of its online business services. In May, Oracle announced purchase of social media company Virtue for $300 million, followed by the purchase of Collective Intellect, a company specializing in social analytics. All Things Digital

Salesforce to GoInstant. And Oracle isn’t the only online business software provider to be on a shopping spree for companies with social media capabilities. recently announced the purchase of Nova Scotia-based startup GoInstant, which allows people in different locations to easily browse Websites together. The Wall Street Journal

Peddling influence. As part of an increasing effort not just to create social media tools but also to measure the influence of the brands that use them, Los Angeles incubator Science Inc. has announced acquisition of the Indian-based company Pinpuff, which tracks the influence of users on Pinterest and rewards them accordingly.

Putting Things Together

A new kind of business. In his post about the new Pinpuff acquisition, Science Inc. CEO Mike Jones explains how social media not only aides existing businesses but also helps build new ones. Mike writes, “Part of our strategy here at Science is to build services and tools that assist influencers in building their audiences, and eventually themselves as actual businesses.” Science

Other Benefits

Coming to a country near you. Social media is becoming more than just a channel for businesses to promote their products and services. It is also becoming an important marketplace where products and services can be offered to an ever increasing community of customers. A case in point is the new Facebook App Center, now available in the US and in seven other countries. Venture Beat

Taken for a ride. Social media is even influencing such non-digital business activities as the daily work commute and other shared business trips, it seems. Commuters and long distance travelers are using social networks like,,, and others to find shared travel opportunities. The New York Times

Going mobile. Like the rest of the Web, social media no longer requires staying in one place or being tied to your PC. Google is just the latest to release a mobile app for its Google+ social network, but the fact is that almost any social network can now be used by business people on the go. Google Official Blog

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