Go Beyond Pitch Marketing with Out of the Box Owl


Are you a real estate professional who wants to take full advantage of all of the different options in today's marketing? "Out of the Box Owl: Not Your Basic Pitch Marketing!" is designed to help you break out of the confusion. Going through every major social media channel, online advertising, and offline strategies, real estate mentor Mary Moore helps readers connect to their future clients wherever they happen to be.

Go Beyond Pitch Marketing with Out of the Box Owl

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Real estate professionals, like any other professional, can sometimes end up marketing in a “box”, utilizing the same strategies and techniques over and over again. That kind of marketing will not work in the always-connected, easily distracted, and constantly changing world. This “box” is what Out of the Box Owl: Not Your Basic Pitch Marketing! is designed to break. The book covers the wide array of offline and online tools available to real estate professionals ranging from social media marketing to Craigslist, bulletin boards, City-data.com, and more.

What is Out of the Box Owl About?

Out of the Box Owl aims to help real estate professionals learn how to navigate this new world. As the book points out, real estate marketing isn’t as simple as posting your listings on a website or social media. It’s a more proactive experience that requires adapting your marketing across various channels instead of focusing exclusively on one. It requires understanding how to nurture relationships with customers before you even meet them. It requires a foundation of new skills.

Developing that foundation is where the new era of real estate marketing begins, something author Mary Shannon Moore focuses on in the second chapter of the book. From that foundation, real estate professionals learn how to engage with potential customers on various channels: Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and yes, Craigslist. That foundation is then further expanded with options using City-data.com, blogging, YouTube, news outlets, email marketing and more. Moore is always pushing in her book toward more options for real estate professionals to add to their toolbox. That push to adapt to the available marketing channels is her book’s greatest lesson. Instead of being overwhelmed or reluctant about expanding their marketing toolbox, Moore wants readers to embrace the change. By breaking out of the marketing “box”, the author says real estate professionals can reach their clients where they are. This principle of reaching clients wherever they are, whether online or at the community center, is the key to a profitable real estate career.

Moore began as a real estate professional twelve years ago. Since that time, she has risen to become a leading realtor and broker, speaker, mentor and author. Moore also gained acclaim as the mother of America’s Youngest Landlord. Rose taught her daughter her skills and she returned the investment at the age of 14.

What Was Best About Out of the Box Owl?

The best part of Out of the Box Owl is its comprehensive approach to real estate marketing. Out of the Box Owl combines strategies from both online techniques (social media, online ads, etc.) and offline techniques (billboards, bulletin boards, etc.). This gives real estate professionals a plethora of options to choose from to engage with potential buyers and sellers. Moore goes into some depth with these tools as well, displaying expertise that real estate professionals can learn from.

What Could Have Been Done Differently?

From blogs to Pinterest boards Out of the Box Owl covers a lot of marketing ground for real estate professionals who need to upgrade their marketing skills. The book includes offline strategies to broaden the marketing toolkit even further. For many real estate professionals, this may be the first time they ever encounter a book with this many options for marketing. Social media and online marketing, however, are only part of a successful real estate system. Consider this book as part of your marketing arsenal, not the entire solution.

Why Read Out of the Box Owl?

Out of the Box Owl is designed for the real estate professional who is ready to broaden his or her marketing horizons. It begins with the first step to marketing success, strategy, and then narrows down to specifics.  From there, the book walks readers through every major online marketing channel including Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. This guide is more than a preview. It’s an in-depth look at how real estate professionals can tailor online and offline marketing to meet their needs.

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