Overcome Business Challenges with These Community Tips

Overcome Business Challenges with These Community Tips

The challenges that you will face over the course of running a business will be plentiful and unpredictable. But learning to adapt and taking tips from experienced entrepreneurs can help you make it through those challenges unscathed.

Here, members of our small business community have shared some of their essential tips for running a business. Read on for the full list in this week’s Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

Know How to Face Common Business Challenges


You will face many challenges throughout your business journey. Some of them will be easy to handle while others present more of a challenge. Whenever possible, you should understand and look out for common business challenges, like the ones explained in this post by Ivan Widjaya, so that you can be prepared. BizSugar members shared their thoughts on business challenges.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

(Home Arena)

A good night’s sleep is essential to being productive at work. And while every entrepreneur is different, getting enough sleep is something that’s important to everyone. This post from Home Arena includes some of the sleeping habits of 37 successful entrepreneurs, including Small Business Trends’ own Anita Campbell.

Learn the Difference Between Growth and Sustainability

(Tony Paull Consulting)

As a new entrepreneur, focusing on growing your business is the norm. And even more seasoned business owners often need to consider different growth strategies. But sustainability is another hugely important factor for businesses that often gets overlooked. Tony Paull discusses the difference between the two factors.

Don’t Make These Common Elevator Pitch Blunders

(Startup Professionals Musings)

Your elevator pitch should be a quick speech you give to new connections that explains what you do and what you might be able to provide for them. And while everyone’s elevator pitch is different, there are certain factors that each one should (and shouldn’t) have. Martin Zwilling discusses some common elevator pitch blunders. And members of the BizSugar community discussed the post further.

Measure the Real Impact of Your Content Marketing

(Marketing Land)

Even if your online content is getting a lot of shares or pageviews, it might not be quite as impactful as you think. If you want to build lasting relationships with customers, you need to measure the real impact of your content. This post by Christoph C. Cemper includes some thoughts and tips about creating truly effective content.

Invest More in Web Marketing

(The SEM Post)

Having a budget for your online marketing efforts is, of course, very important. But if those efforts aren’t getting you the returns you’ve hoped for, it might be time to rethink that budget and consider spending more on your web marketing strategy, argues Stoney DeGeyter.

Understand What Brand Loyalty Means to Your Customers

(CEO Hangout)

There are plenty of different strategies that can help different businesses build customer loyalty. But one key to building that loyalty is understanding what it means to your customers. This post by Vinil Ramdev includes some discussion about brand loyalty and what it means to consumers. You can also view discussion about the post at BizSugar.

Increase Your Mobile Conversions by Tomorrow

(Search Engine Journal)

Some businesses simply accept the fact that mobile conversions can be more difficult to come by than desktop conversions. But you don’t have to. In this post, Bryant Garvin shares some tips you can use to increase your mobile conversions as quickly as tomorrow.

Become an Email Marketing Genius


You likely already understand the importance of email marketing. But do you know exactly how to make the most of it? To create the best email marketing strategy possible, you need to become an email marketing genius. Susan Payton shares some tips in this post for doing just that.

Don’t Discount Traditional Business Cards

(The Work at Home Woman)

Traditional business cards have taken a backseat to some flashier marketing methods in recent years. But building referrals can still be huge for people in a variety of industries. And business cards can help with that, as Dawn Berryman explains here. The BizSugar community also shared some opinions on the post.

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