Own Your Niche and Remove the Fear of Internet Marketing

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Own Your NicheIf you ever wanted build your business with internet marketing, but immediately felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin, Own Your Niche – Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business is your step-by-step field guide.

Own Your Niche

Published in January 2012, “Own Your Niche” is the latest installment from Stephanie Chandler and Authority Publishing. Stephanie has a longstanding relationship with Small Business Trends and, in fact, our very own Anita Campbell is featured as one of the first success story interviews in the book.

Nevertheless, when I received a review copy of the book, I was immediately impressed by the amount of useful content. The number of resources and services listed were invaluable and my copy is already thoroughly bookmarked and highlighted.

Where other marketing books only touch on connecting with your audience, “Own Your Niche” makes sure that the needs of your niche always come first in each and every chapter. This reminds me of a comment I heard recently that, while your services may be able to help everyone, your marketing efforts can’t reach everyone, so it pays to be specific.

The book is easy to read and well organized by topic. I recommend that you take time to read it once through and then go back and implement each chapter step-by-step over the course of several weeks.

Why Use Own Your Niche?

Some of the many benefits promised in “Own Your Niche” are:

  • Identify your target audience and authentically connect with them
  • Building website and blog traffic
  • Using social media effectively and quickly each day
  • Establishing yourself as an authority with valuable content
  • Generating a PR campaign that drives media to you
  • Creating online products and other sources of income

Beyond the benefits listed above, the book includes several interviews with business owners on how they built their service-based business and connected with their target audience. Plus did I mention the mountain of internet marketing resources provided?

Own Your Niche – The Breakdown for Busy Entrepreneurs

“Own Your Niche” has thirteen chapters, each one filled to the brim with marketing tips, but I feel that the book can be summarized in three main areas:

  • Targeting Your Niche
  • Internet Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing

The book begins with the benefits of targeting your niche, establishing yourself as an authority in your field and engaging your audience.

The second part covers the variety of internet marketing strategies available and helps you to prioritize where you should spend your time and why. One strategy is how to structure your website so it is intuitive and makes it easy for your audience to buy your products. The book then covers the SEO basics and why you need a blog. An important part of the book simplifies social media and reassures us that you do not need to spend your whole day to get the marketing impact you want.

Finally “Own Your Niche” wraps up with more traditional marketing efforts such as email newsletters, public relations and ways to draw the media to you naturally. As a bonus, if you are interested in professional speaking, the book outlines the benefits providing products and services that reach engaged and targeted audiences in person.

The Author – Stephanie Chandler

Stephanie Chandler (@bizauthor) is the author of several books including “Booked Up! How to Write, Publish, and Promote a Book to Grow Your Business”, and “From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products.”  She recently hosted an inspiring three-day Non-Fiction Writers Conference with online sessions on self-publishing, Amazon, Smashwords, book proposals and more, all presented by major internet publishing industry experts.

Stephanie decided early on to avoid internet marketing tactics that didn’t pass her internal “gut test” and despite her refusal to comply with the masses, she has built several successful businesses, is a frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, and has been featured in Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, and Wired magazine, and she is a blogger for Forbes.

She is also CEO of Authority Publishing, specializing in custom publishing for nonfiction books and social media marketing services, and Business Info Guide, a directory of resources for entrepreneurs.

Who Benefits from Own Your Niche?

As the subtitle of the book suggests, if you want to become an established authority in your field and promote your service-based business, “Own Your Niche” is for you. This is true whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years. The latest marketing techniques and methods are broken down into reasonable chunks you can tackle on a daily basis to get real results in record time.

The Bottom Line

“Own Your Niche”shows you the way to achieve your internet marketing goals and still feel like you are connecting with your target audience in your own words, not pushing them away with gimmicky sales techniques.

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Sarah Kirkish Sarah Kirkish, owner of Work Life Organization, is a Certified Coach and Professional Organizer with over 18 years of project management experience in corporate America. She helps busy professionals simplify their lives from the inside out with her down-to-earth coaching and interactive workshops.