Spotlight: How Ox & Pine Went from Hobby to Successful Leather Goods Business

How Ox & Pine Went from Hobby to Successful Leather Goods Business

Not all businesses start off as a way to earn money; some are simply hobbies that evolve over time. Such was the case for Ox & Pine. The company’s founder enjoyed making things with her hands. And that eventually led to a business with multiple product lines for individuals, businesses, and even special events.

Small Biz Spotlight – Ox & Pine

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What the Business Does

Creates personalized, handmade leather goods.

Founder Stephanie Brown told Small Business Trends, “We pour our hearts into filling a clean canvas to capture something special for each and every customer. It’s not just a personalized leather product, it’s a glimpse into something meaningful that will now be remembered forever. We take the time to help each customer make it their own.”

Business Niche


Brown says, “We use the best materials. We also believe in making sure the designs we’ve created work–so we’ve tested and revised until they’re perfect. Then, we are very picky in making sure our products meet our high standards before it gets to a customer. And our customers are so important and we want to make sure they get exactly what they want.”

How the Business Got Started

Evolved from a personal hobby.

Brown explains, “I started using my geeky hobby to sell a few journals here and there.”

Biggest Win

A series of small wins.

Brown says, “It started out with me being extremely attentive to the details and being kind to each customer (putting my own pride aside). Then, the wins came with the people who came to the team and have contributed their time and talents. It’s definitely a team effort and it wouldn’t be successful without that team!”

Biggest Risk

Investing in production.

Brown explains, “We bought a huge amount of supplies and took on extra help to aid in the work load. If the scale tipped too far, we would’ve been stuck with lots of materials, a high payroll, and nothing selling.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Various growth opportunities.

Brown says, “[We would] reinvest in our people and the business (advertising, process improvements, etc.) to grow it!”

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Image: Ox & Pine, Stephanie Brown

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