How Effective is Your Customer Communication During the Pandemic?

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During this time of unprecedented change, communication with your customers is critical.

Most businesses will benefit by interacting  with their customers more not less. In the process, your customers will have more questions about your service and any issues they face now will be even more time sensitive.

Interview with Matt Metzger of Mitel

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, Matt Metzger, Vice President of CX Solutions for Mitel discusses how to make frequent and easy communications benefit your business.

He says that the  customer experience is even more important during these unprecedented times; “the consumer owns communication, so you need talk to the customer when and where they want.”

Matt adds that this is especially true with people working from home; consumers have additional time on their hands and will communicate with your company more than before.

According to Matt, one of the biggest challenges in communicating effectively with customers is that now they can contact your business in so many ways.

Therefore, he says that a proper customer communication solution needs to be implemented.

“Customer communication is the new marketing advantage and in fact, studies show that customer will pay more for a better customer experience,” Matt says. “This is where small businesses can compete and win; price is no longer the sole driving factor.”

He suggests that the solution a company implements will depend on the demographics of your customers and how they want to communicate. And he strongly recommends using online chat and text messaging since this can reduce interaction costs and increase service levels.

According to Matt, a voice call can cost $48 since the agent can only handle one call at a time, but an agent can handle four digital interactions simultaneously. This can reduce the cost to $10-$12 per customer. In this way, Matt says that companies can “give a higher level of experience at a lower cost.”

Listen to the entire interview on The Small Business Radio Show.


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