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A strong password generator makes it easy to create complex passwords that are hard to crack. And the best thing is you can generate strong passwords instantly, including lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, special characters, and other input.

This article will explore the top options to help you pick a strong password-generating tool for personal or business use. Let’s dive in:

What Is a Password Generator?

A password generator is a software application that helps generate passwords, combining letters, numbers, and symbols to create strings of characters that are difficult to guess.

Why Should You Use a Secure Password Generator?

Your password is the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your online devices and profiles. But sadly, 24% of US citizens use easy-to-guess passkeys, such as admin, password, or 123456.

A strong password creator not only delivers complicated passwords instantly for different online accounts but also can tell password strength to help you create complex passkeys. Moreover, you can choose your desired password length to ensure secure login credentials.

How to Choose a Strong Password Generator

Not all password generators work the same way – some create complex passkeys, and others make pronounceable ones. Here are key points to consider when choosing a password creator:

  • Check if your password management app has a built-in password generator to create passkeys
  • Make sure your password-generating tool uses special characters, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase characters
  • Pick a tool that offers you the flexibility to decide the length of your passkeys

You should also pick a password-creating tool that informs you about password strength.


Best Offline Options for a Strong Password Generator

Some password managers have an offline access feature, allowing you to create passkeys even when there is no internet. Here are strong password generators that you can use offline:

1. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a reputed tool to manage passkeys. You can use this application for creating strong passkeys and saving them. It comes with an inbuilt feature for generating passwords and usernames. And a good thing is it has a free plan for personal use.

2. RoboForm

RoboForm is an excellent tool to create and save difficult passkeys for multiple accounts. The tool has a free plan for personal use. In addition to password management, a free RoboForm plan will help you fill web forms with a single click.

3. Keeper

Keeper is a leading name in the cybersecurity domain. With the help of Keeper password manager, you can create and save difficult passkeys for each website, application, and service you use. Moreover, Keeper Breach Watch will proactively scan the dark web to alert you if hackers or cybercriminals are using your login details from the public data breach.

4. LastPass

LastPass is a trusted option for creating difficult passkeys, whether online or offline. To create strong passwords offline, you have to use LastPass password manager, which also has a free plan for personal use if you don’t want to spend money. Overall, LastPass is an easy-to-use tool to create and store passwords.

5. Enpass

To access the offline password-generating feature of Enpass, you will have to buy a paid version. It doesn’t offer a free plan for personal use. But its paid plans are worth the money. You will get many advanced features in its premium plans, such as smart watch support, TOTP support, breach monitoring, and more.

6. KeeWeb

KeeWeb is a free password management tool with an offline access feature. It is an open-sourced password manager and has desktop apps for all platforms. Though you may find it a bit difficult to use KeeWeb due to the interface, being free makes it worth the try.


Top Online Tools to Generate Random Passwords

If you’re looking for a tool to create complicated passwords online, here are some excellent options:

7. F-Secure

If you want an easy-to-use online service to create passwords, the F-Secure strong password generator is the right option. With this free online password creator, you can tailor the lengths of your passwords and test their strength. Also, it will alert you if you happen to create a weak password. This generator doesn’t save any passwords on the site.

8. Norton

Norton offers a free password manager with a built-in feature to create passwords. With Norton password generator, you can create complex passwords in an instant. A good thing about using Norton’s free password management app is that you can save your passwords. So you won’t have to remember them.

9. Avast

Avast is a reputed name in the world of cybersecurity. With Avast password generator, you can include lowercase, uppercase, special characters, and numbers in your passwords. It also tells you about your password strength. If you want to protect your business and personal details proactively, you can opt for Avast BreachGuard. This premium service offers an email heck checker, automated breach alerts, and more.

10. 1Password

1Password is a reputed password manager with an in-built password-generating capability. If you don’t want to buy a subscription for password management, you can use the free 1Password strong password generator online. It helps you create complex passwords, memorable passwords, and PINs.

11. NordPress

The best thing about the NordPass online password creation tool is that it allows you to eliminate ambiguous characters from your generated passwords.

If you want to store your complex passwords, you can use the NordPass password management app, which has an in-built password-generating feature.

12. Dashlane

You can create long, random, and unique passwords instantly with the help of the Dashlane password creation tool. If you have made a weak password, it will alert you.

Using the Dashlane password management app, which comes with an in-built password-generating capability, eliminates the need for remembering strong passwords for different accounts. The company offers a free plan for personal use.


What Is the Best Random Password Generator?

Picking the best random password-creating tool depends on whether you want to use it online or offline. Dashlane is an excellent tool to create complex passwords online. For offline usage, RoboForm is an ideal option.

Are Random Password Generators Secure?

Yes, random password generators are safe to create passwords for general purposes. But you should refrain from using one password for various accounts.

Remembering complex passwords for multiple accounts is not possible humanly. So using a good password manager to store your passwords is a good practice.

How Do I Get Secure Passwords?

To get secure passwords, you must use special characters, a combination of letters, different cases, and numbers to create an unpredictable string of characters. You should also use at least ten characters in your password to make it difficult to crack for hackers. A password-generating app can help you create secure passwords instantly.


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