Mobile Pay from Paysafe Helps Small Businesses Take Payments from Anywhere

Paysafe Mobile Pay Lets You Take All Sorts of Payments Anywhere

Small business owners increase investing in mobility options to delight their customers. They also do this to improve operational efficiencies. As a result, when you look for solutions to make your customers happy, check out this good news for you.

Paysafe, a leading global provider of end-to-end payment solutions, launched Mobile Pay, its new cutting-edge mobile point of sale (mPOS).

With the featuring app developed by Apriva and patented hardware from AnywhereCommerce, Mobile Pay aims to offer a highly flexible approach to mobile payments.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Mobile Payment Solution

An mPOS enables you to accept payments anywhere. However, it is not the only benefit you can get from using an mPOS.

Here are four top benefits that you can reap from using an mPOS:

1. Get Paid Faster

If you implement mPOS in your small business, any employee with a smartphone and card reader can accept payment. Your customers won’t have to go to any designated payment counter. Also, if you’re in a trade show, then you won’t have to wait to reach your office to accept the payment if any customer buys something from you there. So mPOS helps you get paid faster.

2. Make More Sales

With an mPOS at your disposal, you will not have to send away those customers who don’t have cash or cheque. And 83% of people (30-49 years old) have a credit card. This simply means you will be able to cater to a large audience, which will translate into more sales.

My friend, cash or check isn’t always king, being able to accept credit cards anywhere can increase your sales.

3. Improve Operational Efficiency

It goes without saying that the mPOS setup comes with great mobility and flexibility. Your sales agent can accept payment anywhere, and you won’t have to create a space for dedicated payment processing. What’s more, you can use an mPOS tool with inventory management software to better manage your inventory.

As credit cards are not stored on mPOS devices, it also limits your security liability.

4. Delight Customers

mPOS enables you to accept payments anywhere. So if you start using an mPOS, you will gain the ability to say “yes” to your customers wherever they want to pay. Accept payments via mPOS. You’ll find it incredibly simple and convenient. This will certainly delight your customers.

As a small business owner, if you have to travel a lot to sell your products or services, a flexible payment solution like mPOS can be a boon for your business.

O.B. Rawls serves as President of Payment Processing North America at Paysafe. Rawls says, “Smart phone and tablet usage in the US has never been higher, which is serving as a catalyst for the strong growth in mobile payments, especially in the SMB space. We’re therefore excited to unveil Mobile Pay, an mPOS solution that marks a true step forward in mobile payments through our partnerships with two ‘best in class’ technology companies, Apriva and AnywhereCommerce.”

How Paysafe Mobile Pay Works

Connect your mobile phone either via Bluetooth or using a USB cable. Use a Walker BT card reader designed by AnywhereCommerce. This mPOS is powered by iOS, Android, and Amazon apps developed with Apriva.

Mobile Pay’s user-friendly card reader, which is EMV chip- and MSR swipe-enabled, is powered by a battery. Also, with this mPOS, customers and merchants can choose how cards are authorized.

What’s more, Mobile Pay allows you to accept traditional payment methods, such as checks and cash.

About Paysafe

With an annualized transactional value of over $85 billion and approximately 3,000 employees working at 12+ locations worldwide, Paysafe a leading provider of end-to-end payment solutions. The company has over 20 years of online payment experience.

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