Spotlight: PeeqSee Offers an Interactive Social App


There’s no shortage of social media platforms for people to choose from these days. So it can be difficult to get one to stand out from the rest. That’s why PeeqSee focuses on creating an experience that’s truly interactive. Read more about the app in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What PeeqSee Does

Provides a social media app and site with interactive content.

Users can sign up for an account and use the platform on mobile or a regular browser. Then they can post content like photos or videos and add little interactive features to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Business Niche

Allowing for truly interactive content.

Vacit Arat, CEO and co-founder of PeeqSee told Small Business Trends, “Users’ posts are interactive such that you don’t just “look” at them, you actively touch them (on objects that the senders prescribed) and engage. The posts react in a way that the sender intended, whether it is to satisfy a curiosity, to surprise you, to tell you a story that follows or to take you somewhere else.”

How PeeqSee Got Started

As a secure communication tool.

PeeqSee’s founders originally wanted to create a secure communication tool for consumers. Arat says, “The core idea of PeeqSee came when we decided that one of those fun ideas could be a standalone product without having to be part of a security tool. In the process, we realized that while many people believe making social media posts interactive is the next wave, they have surprisingly neglected to take steps towards it. We decided to close down our previous company and put all of our energies towards the new idea, patenting it and create a company around it.”

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Biggest Win

Securing a high profile account.

Arat explains, “Our biggest win so far is when GoldenBoy, the boxing promotion company founded by Oscar De La Hoya, saw a big potential in us and signed up to use PeeqSee to promote its boxers.”

How PeeqSee Would Spend an Extra $100,000


How PeeqSee Got Its Name

Because of a domain issue.

Arat says, “We were going to name the company “PeekSee”, or “Peek”, but those domain names were taken, so we came up with “PeeqSee” as the alternative changing k to q. Since then, we continued to come up with the “q” versions of many words, and often compete with each other in doing that.”

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Favorite Quote

“If you are going through hell, keep going!” ~ Winston Churchill

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Images: PeeqSee – Top Image: Vacit Arat, CEO and co-founder (left) and Kalana Jayatilake, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer (right)

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