Use “People Tools” To Build Your Business and Be a Success


A short read that contains practical advice about how to align your perspective and your conduct to achieve a more profitable business while being happier with yourself in the process.

people tools

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Well, the title is certainly interesting enough, People Tools for Business.  Who doesn’t want strategies for building success, making more money and being happy?  I’m just not sure what “People Tools” are and how this book is going to work.

I flip the book over to see a quick “About the Author” write up.  “Alan C. Fox (@AlanCFox) has graduate degrees in law, education and professional writing.  He is founder and CEO of a company that owns and manages more than $1.5 billion of commercial real estate.” “Ugh”, I think.  “Another book of business war and success stories by some guy I could never hope to emulate.”   I put the book down.

I pick the book back up again and decide to read the short write-up that came with the review copy.   I flip past the kudos for Alan and his brilliance to get to the summary of what’s covered in the book my eye lands on the following:

“Wait three days:  When you receive a trouble letter or email, no matter how aggravated you feel, wait three days before you respond.  Often the offending message will lose much of its power and will blend into the background “noise” of your professional life.  This will enable you to respond with a clearer head.”

That is some good advice (and something I should have done on more than one occasion).  Okay – I’m in.  I pick up the review copy and start reading. And I think you’re going to want to read this too.

There is AWESOME Stuff in People Tools – REALLY!

How could I have been so shortsighted?  Surprisingly (to me, anyway) this book is like Dale Carnegie on steroids.

Like the Dale Carnegie books, it’s written in an authentic, clear and dare I say, nurturing and kind tone.  It’s nothing like those “war story” books some of these CEOs have been writing lately.  It’s actually loaded with practical wisdom and insights that aren’t reserved for the successful and wealthy, but that you can actually read, think about and put into action.

If you liked Profit First , then People Tools for Business will be a terrific complement to your small business education. Here’s how it works.

The book is less than two hundred pages and contains fifty short and practical anecdotes with lessons attached. If you’ve ever read Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales  — it’s sort of like that.

I won’t be able to cover all fifty, but I can give you a just one of my favorites along the way.

You Are Not in the Business of Making Calls

“If you are a salesperson you are not in the business of making calls, you are in the business of generating sales…The only measurement of your success is how many actual sales you produce.”

“If you are a manager, you are not in the business of telling people to perform tasks.  You are in the business of following through and making sure things are done.”

“If you are a writer…you are not in the business of writing words, you are in the business of communicating.”

See, isn’t this amazing?  After reading just one tool, I’m already asking myself the question (and you should be too). ‘What business am I in and how do I make sure that I’m achieving my desired outcome?’

Short, Simple, To-The-Point-Immediately Actionable

Another terrific thing about People Tools is that each tool is super, super short.  I mean you can keep this by your desk and flip it open to just about any page, get a taste of wisdom, implement it and be on your way to running a better, more profitable business and being happier with yourself for it.

I can’t say enough about the clear, straightforward writing style that Fox uses.  He has a magic about his writing that leaves you feeling inspired, educated and never, never, talked-down-to.

Don’t make the same mistake I did by glossing over this wonderfully useful book.  Read People Tools and become the success you’ve set out to be, one tool at a time.

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