Periscope Named App of the Year, Twitter Has New Sponsored Tweets

Periscope Named App of the Year, Twitter Has New Sponsored Tweets

As the year comes to a close, it’s natural for business owners to look back at some of the biggest moments and most helpful resources. This year, live streaming app Periscope was bestowed the honor of being named the Apple App of the Year. There are a few more social platforms important to small businesses that made small business headlines this week too.

Read on for a full list in this week’s Small Business Trends news and information roundup.

Social Media

Periscope Named Apple App of the Year: A Look Back On 2015

As founder of the Periscope Community Summit, COO of Krue.TV, and creator of @ZeroModeration, Ryan Bell’s work bridges the worlds of music, community and philanthropy. Bell has received the President’s Volunteer Service Award  for his volunteer work in mentoring with the youth of Oakland, Calif. and the Special Olympics. Earlier this month, he ran the Periscope account for Inc.

New Sponsored Tweets Reach Even Those Who Aren’t Logged In

Twitter is seeking to expand its advertising reach. To do so, the company has started testing a new system that displays advertisers’ promoted tweets to people who aren’t logged in.

Have You Seen This List of Resources for Facebook Business Users?

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is still the top choice for most businesses. And to retain its massive popularity among marketers, the social networking site shares useful tips from time to time. On its Facebook for Business page, the social networking giant has Help Center a list of resources for business users.

Pinterest Announces Top 10 Searches – And Some Could Be Helpful

The top 10 Pinterest searches in the U.S. include an interesting assortment of different topics. While there’s not one specific category that really stands out, some of the top searches might be helpful to your marketing efforts. Below are the top 10 Pinterest searches in the U.S. this year, along with some ways they might impact different types of businesses.


New Interest Rate Hike Means More Small Business Loan  Approvals, Biz2Credit Reports

According to Biz2Credit’s November Small Business Lending Index, loan approval rates continue to rise. The index is a monthly analysis of a thousand loan applications on Biz2Credit’s platform for the month. Small business loan approval rates at institutional lenders continue their gradual ascent. They reached 62.4 percent in November, up from 62.2 percent in October.

How Online Angel Sites Change What Angels Need to Calculate

The rise of online angel investment sites have changed a key calculation that investors need to make in screening potential opportunities. In the pre-online world, angels needed to estimate a reasonable pre-money valuation for start-ups seeking financing. But in the world of online angel investing, the pre-money valuation is often a given.

Product Reviews

What is Slack and How Do I Use It for My Team?

Since the advent of the World Wide Web, the opportunity for collaboration has been one of its most touted features. Enter Slack! Here at Small Business Trends, we’ve seen online collaboration apps come and go, but few have caught fire like Slack. The innovative “team communication” solution offers groundbreaking functionality that is just too useful to pass up.

Marketing Tips

Are You Aware of Features to Automate Your Bing Ad Campaign?

The current digital commerce ecosystem has given everyone access to massive amounts of data. There is so much of it, you can quickly get overwhelmed if you don’t use the right solution to manage all the information. Managing ad campaigns is one area in which keeping track of the different data sets can be a job in itself.

Dollar Shave Club Promotes Its Customers’ Businesses Too

When it comes to promotion, most companies make it a point to showcase their own products. However, the Dollar Shave Club has a bit of a different approach. What this blog does is feature the products of its consumers.

Retail Trends

How to Prevent Return Fraud in Your Retail Store

Retail returns are a trouble spot for retailers at any time of year, but at the holidays, the problem is especially significant. This year, the NRF expects holiday return fraud will cost U.S. retailers $2.2 billion, according to NRF’s Return Fraud Survey.

Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Macias PR Has Insider Perspective of the News

Most PR firms work hard to improve the reputation and visibility of their clients. But it’s not always easy. Having an insider perspective of the news outlets you work with can be a huge benefit to clients. And that’s what Macias PR provides. The New York City-based firm’s founder has worked in several newsrooms. So he uses that insider knowledge to help his clients get noticed.


New York Cracks Down on Short Term Rentals and Airbnb

New York entrepreneurs may find it tougher to earn from short term rentals in the future. A new bill, if passed, would impose stiff penalties for advertising short-term rentals. Since its founding in 2008, home-sharing site Airbnb has made it easier and safer for people to search for and find short term rentals in homes, condos and apartments.


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