Spotlight: Phello Uses CRM Tech to Help You Manage Professional Contacts

Spotlight: Phello Professional Relationship Manager Uses CRM Tech to Help You Manage Contacts

Most business owners understand the importance of managing customer communications. But not as many put the time and effort into managing their professional contacts. Simply having a LinkedIn account doesn’t ensure that you’ll actually nurture those relationships that could lead to new partnerships or business opportunities down the road.

That’s where Phello comes in. Read more about the platform and how it can help professionals in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers a platform for professional communication.

Kurt Phelps, creator of Phello, told Small Business Trends, “Phello is a SaaS (software as a service) platform which helps professionals organize their contacts and communicate with them to create new jobs, board or advisory roles and consulting opportunities. Just as companies use CRM technology to manage their clients, Phello’s PRM — Professional Relationship Manager — was created for professionals to easily and efficiently manage their years of contacts.”

Business Niche

Bringing CRM technology to professional networks.

Phelps says, “Phello is the first company to provide CRM technology for the career-oriented professional. 99% of professionals today reach out to less than 20 contacts in their network when looking for a new role. However, to get the best opportunities, professionals need to reach out to their entire network on a consistent basis. Phello is the only company to provide a platform to accomplish this.”

How the Business Got Started

Due to a successful recruiting career.

When he created Phello, Phelps was CEO of a high tech recruiting firm. In his 20 years of experience, he realized how rare it is for professionals to put the same time and effort into networking as they do with managing customer relationships.

Biggest Risk

Building the platform.

Phelps explains, “The biggest was going from simply providing the advice to professionals to actually building the technology and executing it. If anything had gone wrong then we wouldn’t have had a success story to begin with. It was a testament that our process works and we continue to create more success stories with an ever growing member base.”

Lesson Learned

Marketing is essential, even early on.

Phelps says, “I wish I had opted for the digital marketing process faster to create awareness about Phello among a larger audience rather than spending time and money solely on an elaborate website.”

How They’d Spend Another $100,000

Spreading the word.

Phelps adds, “Advertising Advertising Advertising!”

Team Tradition

Movie night.

Phelps says, “We go out for all the Marvel and Star Wars movies together. It is an unspoken pact.”

Secret Weapon


Phelps explains, “It gets all our ideas flowing.”

* * * * *

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Image: Phello, Kurt Phelps

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