82% of Younger Self-Employed People Change Their Voice on Business Calls

Phone Call Statistics

82% of 18 to 24-year-olds who are self-employed admit to changing their voice when on the phone to sound more professional. Furthermore, 77% of business owners and freelancers use their personal mobile for business purposes.

Phone Call Statistics

These findings involving phone usage and habits among business owners and freelancers were unveiled by research carried out by the outsourced communications provider Money Penny. The study investigated Business Owner and Freelancer etiquette and attitudes when it comes to the phones they use for business and personal purposes.

The research polled 500 business owners and freelancers. 77% of those surveyed said they use personal mobiles for business. Almost all of those surveyed (93%) said they have found themselves in a situation where they’ve been unable to answer a business call.

And 40% of freelancers and business owners say they are unable to answer calls at least once a week. Meanwhile, 17% admit they find themselves in this situation at least twice a week. Another 13% said this happened three times a week. And 7% admitted to failing to answer business calls more than five times a week.

More about the Research

Money Penny’s research sheds light on the importance of communications. And, in particular, it shows the importance of mobile phones. Freelancers and small businesses need these tools to stay operational.

Answer business calls. And don’t use personal phones for business purposes. Either looks unprofessional. And it creates negative implications for small businesses and freelancers.

So many business owners and freelancers admit to regularly missing business calls. The research reiterates the need. Such professionals need ‘back up’ communication methods. This might include a simple professionally recorded answering machine message on their phones.

How do You Answer the Phone

As Money Penny notes in its report:

“It’s common knowledge in all industries that answering the phone in a professional manner gives a good first impression to any existing or potential client who try to contact you.”

Money Penny’s research found that younger self-employed people seem to be savvier about phone etiquette. And 82% of 18 and 24- year-olds said they make a conscious effort to answer business calls. And that they do so in a professional manner. This figure contrasts to participants over the age of 45. Only 16% of them endeavor to answer the phone professionally.

The study highlights the benefits of business landlines. And it shows the need for having a dedicated business number. Seventy-one percent of those surveyed said they agree to the premise. Having a separate business number creates a healthier barrier between their professional and personal life.

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