Pinterest: Really Useful Tools to Measure Each Pin Impact

Despite its growing popularity and the way the business and marketing implications are becoming clearer, Pinterest is shockingly under represented when it comes to analytics. We have read multiple stories about Pinterest being a great traffic source (even when compared with any other social media channel), but how to effectively measure that traffic as well as “viral” spread?

How do you find out your Pinfluence? Is there any way to figure out if your pinning efforts are gaining the reach you would expect as a return on such a campaign? Here are three analytics tools made specifically for Pinterest.

1. PinReach

In summary: See most popular pins and boards of yours based on the number of repins. See how popular you are (based on your PinReach Score.)

Price: Free

Best application: Identify your best-working pins and boards to get an idea of what seems to appeal to your following.

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More cool features to check out:

Right away, you can see some useful information on the front page here. They have sections for highest reach, most popular pins, trending pins, trending members and more. On a site based entirely on sharing, this can all be very helpful when trying to find unoriginal content to boost your visibility on the site. You may also find current competitions, such as the Messy Desk Contest going on right now. At the very least, you can establish a pattern and come up with some ideas for your own pinning.

2. Pinalytics

In summary: Allow the tool to access your site Google Analytics data to pull all visits from Pinterest and see which page was pinned, who pinned it and how many visits the pin resulted in.

Price: Free

Best application: (1) Identify your site most successful pages on Pinterest to push them harder, (2) make friends with your site random promoters who seem to love your site!

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More cool features to check out:

This UK based tool is really simple to use, but very effective. You can search for pins based on subject, keyword or category using their search engine. It is very helpful in seeing what kind of influence various pin topics have, and what specific images are currently trending. The great thing about Pinterest is that you will notice a trending pin making its way through the ranks for months, rather than days or weeks. So you can squeeze more out of it.

3. Reachli

In summary: Add new pins from inside the tool to enable campaign tracking. Track clicks, repins and likes that generate your pins.

Price: Free

Best application: Compare impact from various campaigns. The site shows time (!), day and date of each campaign making it easy to identify your most effective time to pin.

pinterest tools

Note: I wish it could support pinning videos as well.

More cool features to check out:

Formerly, this tool was called Pinerly. It has since been rebranded, but the tool itself is the same. You measure your reach using basic analytics and come up with a blueprint for marketing your brand on Pinterest and through the wider social web. They have a great understanding of visual reach and the way you engage a target audience on Pinterest – which is much different than how you do it using any other social platform.

Do you know any good Pinterest tools? Let us know in the comments.

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Ann Smarty Ann Smarty is the founder of Viral Content Bee, a social media marketing platform, and the founder of SEO Smarty, an SEO consulting and link building agency.

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  1. I have been testing PinLeague and Pinfluencer. The former lets you track both the brand’s page and website to see what content is being pinned. It also identifies the more viral categories and popular boards.

    The latter allows one to track site and the Pinterest page, identify influencers, popular pins.

    Both are similar and can conpare competitiors but I feel marketers may want to track the page with a few different tools till a cohesive one emerges.

  2. This seems like a neat tool. I don’t use Pintrest at all really in my marketing efforts. There’s seems to be so many new tools available for the platform that I probably would benefit a lot form using it without it being too much of a time suck. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks for the tips ! I am definitely going to give them all a try and see what works best for my clients.

  4. Ann I too appreciated the way you broke down the tools it helps when reviewing or analyzing them.

  5. Thanks for sharing these tools! We just started using Pinfluencer, which isn’t a free tool but offers a ton of very useful features for not only monitoring campaigns, but identifying influencers, tracking competitors, scheduling your pins and hosting Pinterest contests. I would highly recommend it if you need more advanced features.

  6. We use Curalate and have been very happy. It shows you pins, repins, engagement, reach, most popular pins and more.

  7. Great tools to check out – thank you! I have been using – they basically send you an email each time someone pins one of your items. It is pretty useful but you can receive too many emails. Looking forward to checking out the other tools.

  8. Kelsey @ Hullabaloo

    This is great! I’ve used PinReach before, but I’ll have to check out the others.