Pinteresting Image Optimization Tips When Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest optimizationWith the fast-growing popularity of Pinterest, marketers have another challenge to deal with: Visual dashboard optimization.  Pinterest users scan through their friends’ streams for “pinteresting” items and 90% of the information they go through is visual.

We all know Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic; Therefore making sure your images will be pinned and (what’s more vital for this very article) re-pinned is well worth the effort.

Make Images Clear and Easy to Read: Size

Pinterest grabs all your friend’s images together, resizes them into thumbnails and throws them to your friend stream. Whenever you login and go to your home page, you just scan through those images as you scroll.

If there is anything blurry and unclear, you won’t probably waste your time on it. Therefore, make sure your image is readable when it’s 192 pixels wide.



Pinteresting Image tip: When optimizing your images for web publishing, do a quick exercise by resizing your image to 192 pixels and make sure it looks good.

One point to add here: Of course, there’s no rule to fit all cases. I am pretty sure some blurry images are clicked because the user is just curious what’s there. However, clear image thumbnails are important if you care about your followers’ user experience and want more positive action on the image.

Draw User’s Attention to Your Images: Faces

Whenever your Pinterest friends go to their Pinterest homepage, all they see is the collection of images. One of these images is yours.

Do you want to stand out?

Many eye-tracking heatmap studies (including a Pinterest-specific one) will offer you a solution: a human face will draw the most attention.

Pinteresting image tips:

1. Brand your business team faces: Create lots of team pictures and incorporate them into your blog and content strategy. This way, more and more faces will make it to your pinners’ streams (which may result in more re-pins and better branding):


2. If you create infographics, make sure they contain clear faces pointing your reader’s attention in the right direction:


Prompt Action: Pinteresting Colors

Color theory is not easy: There are a lot of “it depends” factors to keep in mind. Color preferences may depend on age, country, niche and even current mood of the viewer. But one color proves to work in most cases: orange.

Orange has long been considered the most effective call-to-action color: Whenever you want a person to act (click, like, re-pin), try using orange.

Pinteresting Image tip: Use these search by color tools to get orange inspired. There’s no need to make all your images orange, but it’s something worth testing.


Do you have any tips to make your pins stand out and increase their click-through and “viral” potential?

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