Pitney Bowes Offers Small Businesses Access to Same-Day Delivery Service

Same-Day Delivery Service

Pitney Bowes has announced the launch of a new service that gives small businesses access to speedier and more cost-effective delivery solutions. Pitney Powers is a leading provider of commerce solutions to power transactions, shipping, mailing and more. The Pitney Bowes-Same-Day Delivery service enables small businesses to meet consumers’ increasingly high expectations for fast and efficient delivery.

The Same-Day Delivery service is provided through Pitney Bowes’ cloud-based SendPro Online sending platform. The tech commerce solutions provider is also launching the SendPro Delivery Assurance. The platform is a domestic delivery service for USPS Priority Mail business customers. The service allows senders to request a credit for a shipping label charge, should shipment be delayed.

Both the Same-Day Delivery and the SendPro Delivery Assurance services give small businesses peace of mind about time-critical deliveries.

Pitney Bowes Same-Day Delivery for Small Business

Small businesses have long sought ways to give them a competitive edge. In recent years, consumer demand for same-day delivery has been increasing. Statistics show online consumers between the ages of 18-34 expect same-day delivery. 61% of consumers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery. By offering this coveted delivery service, small businesses can enjoy being more competitive and ultimately sell more goods.

Managing Time-Critical Shipments More Proficiently

Through its SendPro Online sending platform, Pitney Bowes allows small businesses to meet demand for same-day delivery. With the SendPro Delivery Assurance, small businesses can benefit from an efficient way to manage time-critical shipments while keeping costs down.

Commenting on the new shipment solutions, Jason Dies, EVP and President Sending Technology Solutions at Pitney Bowes, said:

“For one hundred years, businesses have trusted us to help them connect with their customers and partners using innovative technology and services. Pitney Bowes Same-Day Delivery and SendPro Delivery Assurance represent the next exciting stage in this evolution as we take a step further from our competitors to offer compelling, reliable and differentiated services that add value and delight our clients, accessible through a single powerful sending platform.”

Free Package Pickup Service

SendPro Delivery Assurance also provides small businesses with a free package pickup service at their home of office. Retailers can also benefit from free USPS tracking and up to $50 of insurance with most shipments. There are no surcharges for fuel or for residential, rural, and regular Saturday delivery.

With people shopping online like never before, it’s vital small businesses provide a fast and reliable shipments to meet consumers’ expectations. Pitney Bowes’ SendPro sending technologies are designed to help small businesses drive value and reduce complexity in their shipping services.

Image: pitneybowes.com

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