29 Places to Publish Your Business eBook

Sell Your eBooks Online: Places to Publish Your Business eBook

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eBook publishing has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for independent authors. Gone are the days where you need to have an agent and a connection to a major publishing house to create, distribute and market your book. Instead, you can publish your very own business ebook and sell your eBooks online.

Sell Your eBooks Online

With today’s digital technology, you can easily sell your written work online using several different online platforms.

These platforms have been developed to remove the complexities of traditional publishing with a wide range of tools and options for publishing your business ebook. Depending on the service provider, you can access everything from publishing and design to marketing and sales, as well as insights and tutorials on how to publish an eBook. And you can make this happen without a huge investment.

Places to Publish Your Business eBook

So for all of you great business minds who want to share your knowledge with the world, check out these platforms to publish your business eBook on.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

As one of the largest online sources for eBooks, Amazon has a large self-publishing arm with Kindle Direct Publishing. The platform allows you to publish your business eBook on the Amazon Kindle Store, which makes them available on Kindle devices and Kindle apps for iOS, Android and more. Self-publishing is free and you can earn up to 70 percent royalties on sales.

NOOK Press

Barnes and Noble also offers no-cost self-publishing to its NOOK e-readers and BarnesAndNoble.com with NOOK Press. The platform allows you to control the price of your book, which impacts your royalty rate.

iBooks Author

If you have a Mac computer you can download the free iBooks Author app and create your book using Apple’s library of templates and other design tools. You can then publish your business eBook and offer it for purchase or free download in the iBooks store.

Google Play

To make your titles available on Android devices and Google Books, there’s the Google Play Books Partner Center. The platform allows you to upload your content, set your own prices and sell to customers around the world.


Lulu is a platform that lets you create and publish eBooks for a variety of different platforms and stores. You can create and format your own eBook for free, or hire Lulu to edit, proofread and design. You can then publish the book on Lulu’s site, but also convert it into a file that you can make available on all ereaders and tablets.


Blurb allows you to upload your eBook from Bookwright or Adobe InDesign and it will convert it to a fixed-layout eBook for $9.99. You can also convert your manuscript to a reflowable eBook from a text document. That service is free while in beta. You can then make them available on popular platforms like Apple and Amazon.


Smashwords allows you to publish your eBook to a variety of sources, including the Smashwords store, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Scribd. You can earn 85 percent on sales at Smashwords.com and 60 percent of list price on sales from the rest.

Kobo Writing Life

Kobo Writing Life prides itself on being easy to use. You start by adding details and uploading your manuscript, which it will automatically convert to an ePub file. Then you set your price and track sales directly on the website. Your title will then be available on the Kobo Ebookstore, which is a worldwide provider of eBooks.


With a publishing platform and plans that work for single book authors and multi-publication distributors, Myebook can help you create and distribute your eBook to multiple popular platforms. You can self-publish or use one of Myebook’s paid full-service offerings.


BookBaby is unique among self-publishing services in that it doesn’t take any percentage of your sales. It does offer a number of paid services including design, formatting and distribution. And you can use the platform to reach a number of popular stores like iBooks and Amazon.


The popular eCommerce solution allows you to easily sell and manage orders for your eBooks. Some of the Shopify features include professionally designed store templates, order processing and analytics. Pricing starts at $29 per month, and goes up depending on features.


Payhip’s offers a simple platform for hosting your eBook and allowing your customers to buy it directly from you. Payhip processes payments using Paypal and Stripe, and delivers your eBook to customers directly, taking 5 percent of each transaction.


eBookIt is intended specifically for independent authors and small press outlets. The site offers eBook conversion, distribution and promotion starting at a $199 one-time fee. And the company works with distribution partners like Amazon, Google and Barnes & Noble.


Scribd is a membership program that offers unlimited books to its members for a flat monthly fee. The company pulls titles from a handful of publishing service providers, so you need to sign up with one to get your eBook available to subscribers.

Wasteland Press

Wasteland Press is a self-publishing company that can help you get your eBook formatted and available on the most popular eBook devices, including Kindle, Nook and Apple products. There are a few different plans for the various marketplaces. But to get your eBook listed on all of them, Wasteland Press charges a fee of up to $500.


E-junkie charges a monthly subscription fee to sell your eBooks online, instead of taking a percentage of sales or charging fees up front. Cost depends on the number of titles you have and the amount of storage needed. The company also offers PDF stamping for security.


Selz has a free account which lets you access analytics tool, widgets, and fraud protection along with up to five listings. You can upload your ebook onto the Selz platform and create a store to sell them there. If you want to move up to the paid membership, it starts at $12.99 with unlimited listing and customization options for your page.


If you want flexibility on how you can set up your online shop, Gumroad has multiple options. With a monthly membership of $10 and a 3.5% on each sale, you can fully customize your page to sell your eBooks. This includes creating memberships, subscriptions, discount promotions and direct sales.


Tradebit allows you to quickly upload your eBook or other digital download to make available on your homepage or storefront. For sales made on your own site, Tradebit takes 25-30 percent, and more for sales in its own marketplace.

Infinity Publishing

This platform’s Author Store offers a variety of different products and services for authors ranging from full book printing to eBook conversion. Infinity Publishing also works with distribution channels like Amazon and Barnes & Noble to get your eBook in front of buyers.


This digital delivery system works for eBooks and a variety of other digital products. PayLoadz allows you to upload your file, set your own price, and add the button or link for your product to your website or other online accounts.


Not your typical eBook marketplace, Slicebooks offers a platform for you to essentially sell sections of your eBooks or other content. So if your business books have some helpful chapters or snippets, you can use this platform to repurpose and sell just those parts for people who may not be interested in an entire eBook. Pricing starts at $9 per month.


Click2Sell is an affiliate marketing network that offers secure servers for storing your eBooks and a checkout options to help your buyers complete their purchases. You can offer your eBook on the Click2Sell marketplace and even recruit affiliates to promote your titles online.

LifeRich Publishing

From Reader’s Digest, LifeRich Publishing is more of a full-service book publishing solution. But they also offer electronic formats, with pricing based on the various services you require.


iUniverse offers a range of services to help you create and sell your books in physical, electronic and audio formats. The company offers everything from design help and editing to marketing your book. So prices vary based on the services you select.


While this site mainly focuses on publishing hard copy books, it also has options for eBook publishing. InstantPublisher charges a base price of $159.99 for converting your eBook and assigning it an ISBN. Then it offers a $50 yearly fee or 10 percent of your royalties to list your eBook on Amazon and iTunes.


eBookPartnership is an online service that helps authors convert their books into ebook files and distribute them widely on a global scale. The company also works with independent publishers in need of assistance with ebook conversion.


Pressbooks is a tool aimed at helping independent authors create professional looking editions of both print and digital books. You can then use it to connect to a variety of popular publishing platforms for distribution.


A publishing support platform, Draft2Digital allows you to upload your written content and easily transform it into an ebook file. They also offer help with distribution and don’t charge any fees upfront.

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