Hot Tips To Start Planning Your Cool Business Holiday Party – Today

planning a business holiday party

It seems almost unthinkable. You’re still looking forward to your late summer vacation. The dreaded push of back to school shopping is looming. But, the reality is, you need to start planning a business holiday party, if you intend on having one – today.

While the dog days of summer are still upon us, the crisp hint of fall is on the horizon and once that train starts, the holidays will motor our way in no time.

For small companies, planning a business holiday party and/or seasonal event is often a cumbersome task. Questions that arise are generally:

  • What to budget?
  • When to budget?
  • How do we host an event that truly shows our employees how much we care?
  • What is the appropriate degree of entertainment and holiday spirit for a corporate event for clients?
  • How do I promote my event on my social media platforms?
  • Should I write about my event on my blog?
  • Do I need to come up with a clever gamification campaign to leverage my holiday party with existing clients and new leads?
  • How much would it cost to get a great comedian to entertain for the night?
  • Do I need to hire a pianist?
  • What color should the decor and theme reflect for a true seasonal event that honors and salutes the spirit of multiple holiday celebrations?

Yes, these are robust questions, all of which are totally justified when it comes to planning a business holiday party. Once the beach days of summer wind to a close, the formidable task of planning your holiday party will take on its own persona.

Below are some hot tips to start planning a business holiday party – today. You can even start planning from your beach chair!

planning a business holiday party

Business Holiday Party Planning: Key Considerations

AspectOption AOption BOption C
Budgeting TimeStart 6 months aheadStart 4 months aheadStart 2 months ahead
Event TypeEmployee appreciationClient appreciationNew client onboarding
Decoration ThemeMulti-holiday celebrationTraditional ChristmasWinter Wonderland
Social PromotionPinterest CampaignDaily Social SharesVideo Invitations
CoordinationHire an event coordinatorForm a committeeSingle individual responsibility
Event DateEarly DecemberMid DecemberLate December

Select Your Event’s Theme

The most important element in planning a business holiday party is to, very early on in the process, determine your goals, objectives and even the theme of the event. Ask yourself:

  • Are you trying to thank employees?
  • Are you trying to romance new clients?
  • Is it a client appreciation event?

Take time out to assemble a team to determine what the true goals of the event are and the best themes to consider for achieving those goals. Think creatively and brand your event.

Your theme will influence many – actually, all – of your decisions, from what color hues are best for your event decor, to the look of your invitations to the way you promote your event on social media.

Determine the event’s personality, then move forward. If you are planning a business holiday party for December, get all of your planning done before September 15 at the very latest.

That may already be too late to achieve all the goals on your wish list, but if you are reading this article after that it means you have not done any planning – so make the best of it.

planning a business holiday party

Determine Your Event’s Social Personality

In the digital age, event publicity is as critical as the event itself. How do you intend to create buzz and anticipation for your special occasion?

With your event’s theme decided, venue booked, entertainment lined up, and a mouthwatering menu in place, it’s time to give some serious thought to its digital identity.

Remember, this requires strategic planning, often involving insights from seasoned event coordinators or even dedicated event producers who understand the nuances of creating a virtual impact.

Think about your audience: Would a Pinterest campaign with vivid imagery aligned with your theme resonate with them?

Could daily social media posts, filled with intriguing facts, video teasers, quirky memes, or a comprehensive infographic detailing the event’s highlights, captivate their attention?

The soul of a successful event lies in its unique character and essence. Let that shine through on your social media channels, urging people to engage, react, and most importantly, share widely.

business holiday party planning

Get Your Countdown Checklist Organized

Organizing an event is akin to assembling a jigsaw puzzle: each piece must fit perfectly. As your event blueprint starts to materialize, approach it with a reverse engineering mindset.

Draft a meticulous document accessible to all stakeholders, illustrating every facet of the event, from its inception to its grand finale.

Lay out each milestone you believe is pivotal in orchestrating an event that flawlessly marries hospitality with entertainment, all while ensuring fiscal prudence and achieving core objectives.

It’s pivotal to grasp that creating a memorable event isn’t a solo endeavor, particularly in the corporate world. A small-scale business event can often rival larger ones in terms of intricate details and coordination.

Rigor in planning and unwavering commitment to the vision is non-negotiable. Your event’s triumph should be attributed to a synergistic team effort rather than a solitary, swamped individual.

Keeping a vigilant eye on budgetary constraints is essential, and remember, seeking external expertise or assistance isn’t a sign of weakness.

Working with committees can yield remarkable results, provided each member is genuinely invested and enthused about the event’s objectives.

Once you set your event in motion, the countdown clock is on – actually, believe it or not…it’s already ticking.

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