Podium Payments Introduces Chargeback Guarantee for Local Businesses

podium payments chargeback guarantees

Podium has announced the launch of Podium Payments that offers chargeback guarantees to local businesses. With the offering, Podium Payments comes with messaging tools and a fraud prevention platform that guarantees against chargebacks. 

The solution increases functionality as it integrates with Podium’s messaging platform. This in return allows businesses to continue messaging conversations with customers using the same thread where they make the payment.

Podium Payments

The offering by the customer messaging platform will help retailers who experience some $40 billion in annual chargebacks from customers. Chargebacks typically stem from unsatisfied customers, banks disputing a charge, or suspension of fraud. 

Chargebacks can seriously affect business operations. Excessive amounts of chargebacks could even impact their ability to accept credit cards. And as such businesses need to be wary of chargebacks. They will need to ensure they are fully protected against fraudulent transactions and help prevent surges in chargebacks. 

Key Features

Applicable to all local businesses the solution also offers:

  • Local businesses can use Podium Payments to offer a financing option at checkout.
  • Businesses offering layaway or Cash on Delivery (COD) can use Podium Payments to automate recurring payments until items are paid in full.
  • Designed specifically for local businesses, companies can set up Podium Payments and begin accepting contact-free payments from customers in less than an hour. 
  • Businesses will have the capability to start messaging customers. They can do this through webchat and receive feedback and online reviews using text and messaging channels.
  • Businesses engaging in e-commerce can use the solution to protect themselves from losses through fraud prevention at checkout

Podium Payment also comes with customizable invoices, reporting, bank account integration as well as multiple payment methods. It does not come with a monthly charge. Rather it comes with a standard processing fee per transaction, with one flat rate for every type of card.

Podium Payment’s chargeback guarantee is expected to help local businesses to also handle offline purchases. This is, in addition, to easily resolving chargeback disputes. This will help businesses to focus more on productive aspects of their business instead of keeping track of chargebacks.

Image: podium.com

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