What Jobs Are Small Businesses Hiring Most?

popular small business jobs

A lot of the jobs small businesses are looking to fill across the country are primarily the same as those larger companies are working to fill, too. There are some places where small businesses can actually be competitive when hiring, according to data from Indeed.

Indeed has identified the top 10 jobs being filled by small businesses nationwide. According to that data, office and administrative support positions are most in-demand by small businesses. Management positions are second-most in demand by small businesses in the U.S.

Sales jobs, work in the healthcare industry, and transportation and material moving made the top 5 jobs on Indeed’s list of in-demand small business possitions too. It’s there where small businesses can actually get competitive when hiring, Indeed notes.

Popular Small Business Jobs

While the popular small business jobs are closely related to the overall labor market, small businesses have an advantage in two areas. There is a higher concentration of truck driving and legal jobs in small business.

“Small businesses are hiring more truck drivers and legal workers than other size businesses, so these are two fields where they can be very competitive in hiring for talent,” said Daniel Culbertson, Indeed economic research analyst.

The most popular small business jobs are closely related to the broader economy, however the high amount of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) jobs is a good sign for the economy, Culbertson added.

“Small businesses have traditionally been a barometer for the health of the economy, and its a good sign that job seekers are looking to fill small businesses’ demand for high wage jobs in fields like healthcare, finance and computer science,” he said.

Rounding out Indeed’s list of top 10 small business jobs categories are Business and Financial Operations, Computer and Mathematical, Production, Healthcare Support, and Personal Care and Service.

Indeed’s data was culled from the most clicked-on jobs at Indeed for businesses with under 150 employees.

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