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Getting Into a Powerful State of Mind

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Let’s talk about the power of state, and more importantly, how constantly functioning in the most powerful state possible drives success.

When I was first exposed to Tony Robbins during my earlier days of entrepreneurship, the notion of being in a powerful state was a constant. In his book Unlimited Power, Robbins describes state as something that “can be defined as the sum of the millions of neurological processes happening within us. In other words, the sum total of our experience at any moment in time.”

Of course, states can vary from downright depressed to focused and determined. The latter two are some of the biggest drivers for success. If you’re in a passionate state with pure focus and determination, you’re unstoppable.

The more powerful the state, the easier it is to bounce back from the many setbacks in not only business but our personal lives. Examples could be a disastrous month of sales. Contingent on what state you’re in, you’ll either be driven to dwell and point fingers or move on and find a solution. The same goes for something as personal as a breakup with a loved one. If you dwell, good luck finding your next soulmate. We all know that we have the truth inside of us — the truth of what we are capable of. The only way to always get back to that truth is to change focus for a more powerful state.

Getting Into a Powerful State of Mind

So, how do you get yourself into your most powerful state every day to remain freshly focused and energetic about everything you do in life? Following are eight tips that will not only help get you into a powerful state, but sustain it:

1. Smile, laugh and focus on posture. The simplest and quickest way to get yourself into a powerful state is through physiological changes. Try it. Next time you’re bummed about something, do three things: Change your posture for a more commanding feel, smile and laugh (although not on a call with a client who potentially ruined your day). Whenever I feel things sloping towards the negative, I remember this advice.

2. Take a walk and converse with strangers. Feeling down or negative pressure? If the opportunity exists, get outside and start a conversation with a stranger. There’s something about meeting new people and discussing something out of the ordinary that can bring you to a peak state in seconds. I do this at least once a week during the summer: I head to the downtown square and begin a random conversation with somebody in line for food or whatever the case may be. Communities are always great for resourceful states.

3. Exercise in even short bursts throughout the day. Besides keeping up with a weekly exercise regime outside of the office, which keeps the healthy endorphins flowing, provide yourself with opportunities to do a quick workout throughout the day from the office. Next to my stand-up desk, I keep a small trampoline and an ab cruncher. A few minutes every few hours helps keep tiredness away, and my state energetic and positive.

4. Use positive language. Tony Robbins says we should consciously choose our words to describe our emotions, and of course make them all positive. If people say, “I’m drowning in work here” or “put a gun to my head” when behind, that’s going to directly transfer over to actual emotions and put you into a negative state. Began consciously using positive language, which Robbins calls “transformational vocabulary.” You can change your state into a powerful one. Once learned, this can take already positive states and make them even better.

5. Find a helpful hobby. Another quick fix is what I refer to as simply MRJ: music, reading or journaling. Everyone has that certain song that drives them — that brings them back to the most resourceful moments of their lives. I have loads of playlists for just that and it works for me. My other peak state crutches are reading and journaling. I always have a book, tablet or open notepad on my computer ready to jot down some thoughts. I’ve resorted to both many times when things were heading in the wrong direction.

6. Get gratitude from giving. As I’ve grown, I’ve learned to practice daily acts of gratitude. I love to give back as much as I can, and this naturally puts you into a peak resourceful state — especially when those you are helping express their thankfulness. Make this a practice daily, whether it’s buying coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru or simply commending an employee for a job well done.

Always be in the most powerful state possible. Doing so helped me build and eventually sell my first company to eBay and continue funding/starting other businesses. It has also helped me achieve personal satisfaction. And when you’re in a peak state constantly, people notice and usually mimic it. Practice the above tips daily, and help spread this type of positive state around. The outcome can affect more than just your wellbeing.

Kristopher B. Jones is the founder and former president and CEO of Pepperjam (sold to eBay), managing partner of KBJ Capital (13 companies), and the founder and CEO of LSEO.com and APPEK Mobile Apps.

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