Practical Advice About Cyber Threats

Latest edition of Success Magazine is onlineThe latest edition of Success Magazine is out, and I have an article in it. In the article I take a look at the threats and dangers that your business faces today with your computer system and how to keep it safe.

Many thanks to all who gave background information and interviews for the article.

In case I interviewed your company and no mention was made in the final article (due to space limitations), rest assured that I will also be writing up those interviews over at the Success Magazine blog or here at Small Business Trends.

After you read about cyber threats, be sure also to catch the Success Magazine cover article about Tim O’Reilly, the iconoclastic tech leader. It’s a good profile of a key figure in the tech industry.

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  1. Good tips and advice for those of us that aren’t tech savy. I have been using windows defender and AVG for a while now. Both are great free services and they each have picked up threats on my computer before they became major headaches.

  2. Like Amanda, I also have the free services of McAfee and Webroot Spy Sweeper, also, great free services for keeping my computer safe.

  3. I have used SpyBot in the past for protection against malware and have been pleased with the free service. One thing that becomes somewhat of a pain, however, are certain program installations that are viewed by the program as malware and it refuses to allow installation.