12 Printable Calendars

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The beginning of a new year means busy times for businesses. Among other things, you must prepare an annual marketing plan to boost business.

Back in the day, most businesses included printable calendars in their list of promotional assets. Thanks to digitalization, calendars have experienced a sharp decline in popularity. But does that mean you should also disregard calendars when you create your marketing strategy?

Benefits of a Printable Calendar in 2023

Digital tools may have dented the popularity of printable calendars, but one cannot overlook their practical benefits. Moreover, as businesses shy away from printing calendars as giveaways for customers and partners, the novelty of receiving one is more special.

  1. Brand awareness all through the year: Branded calendars act as the centerpiece to boost awareness all through the year. That’s because a printable calendar is not useful for just a short period.
  2. Practical benefits: Not everyone may need a branded coffee mug, but you can be sure your audience is always going to need to check upcoming federal holidays. Unlike other promotional tools that may or may not serve their purpose, printable calendars are useful for all kinds of customers. Whether they want to keep daily notes or reminders for events, users will always find a purpose for calendars.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: For a small business, saving money is always on top of the agenda. Most giveaways cost money that businesses may not be able to afford. That’s why printable calendars work better also because they don’t cost too much. If ordered in bulk, you can further reduce your cost.
  4. Customizable to reflect your brand: Another benefit of choosing printable yearly calendars is the ability to customize them as you like. You can select printable calendar templates that let you add your brand logo, colors and more to add a unique look and feel.
  5. Straightforward enough to save time: As a concept, printable calendars do not require you to step outside the box for creativity. You should, of course, customize them but even that doesn’t take a lot of time to achieve desired results.

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12 Amazing Printable Calendars You Can Download Today

Now that you have gained a fair idea about the benefits of printable calendars for your business, let’s take a look at some printable calendar templates that might come in handy.

1. Printable Yearly Calendar

When it comes to yearly calendars, you may want to go the minimalist route. This simple single page provides a great customizable template that keeps things simple. This printable calendar template works well because it doesn’t feature a lot of clutter in the form of text and visuals.

2. Monthly Calendar Printable

If you’re looking for a more elegant printable calendar option, you may want to consider this monthly calendar template. Designed to help make notes and keep things organized, this monthly calendar template features a watercolor floral design.

3. Interactive Calendar

Not all calendars are good for making notes and checking holidays. Some are designed to engage the users. Take this interactive calendar for example. It’s great for kids and even adults who may want to get creative. The idea is to let the users color it. This way, it works better as a printable calendar.

4. Illustrated Calendar

If you have a pet food business and an illustrated mascot, this template will help you stand out. Each page features a different cat illustration that will certainly catch the fancy of your cat-loving customers.

5. Lunar Calendars

Are you looking for other calendars to excite your audience? From a cultural and personal standpoint, many people use lunar calendars. You can appeal to the sensibilities of these people by printing this unique lunar calendar. When you place your order, you will receive three downloadable files.

6. Photo Calendar

This template works really well if you want to showcase your products. It comes with a fully customizable editor that lets you personalize each page according to your brand needs. With this printable yearly calendar, you will not have to install any software or download any fonts.

7. Weekly, Monthly Planner

This editable weekly, and monthly planner is perfect for businesses, students and teachers. It lets you maintain a checklist and meet schedules on time. You get to see an entire week and month on a single page.

8. Wall Calendar

With this calendar, you can stay more organized. Designed to work as both a wall and desk calendar, it can help you keep track of your daily activities. It’s important to note that this calendar doesn’t come with margins for punching holes.

9. ADHD Planner

For those with ADHD, dealing with daily activities is always a challenge. This template in PDF format has been designed exclusively for such users. It comes with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly templates. Moreover, it comes in different colors to make usability easier. You can print the life planner to chalk out goals.

10. 2023-2024 Yearly Calendar

This template keeps things simple. When you place your order, you will receive an A4 and letter-sized calendar with holidays on one page. Once you make the purchase, you will be able to download the PDF files for print.

11. Foodie Calendar

This foodie-themed calendar is perfect for food businesses. Available in PDF format, you can download it and start using it right away.

12. Mini Calendar

If you’re looking for a quirky mini-calendar template, you may want to consider this one. The package includes 2″ (5 cm) and 3.5″ (8.89 cm) squares for the 2023 calendar. These mini-calendars can be used in many different ways – as sticky reminders, for example.

How Can You Print a Free Calendar?

On Etsy, you can also look for some free printable calendars if you don’t want to spend on these. Just type free printable calendar in the search bar, select the template you like, add it to the basket and download it directly from the site.

Can You Print a Blank Yearly Calendar?

You will find a number of blank yearly calendar templates on Etsy. Just select one and print to start using it.


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